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Inzer among top admission deans

College admission is an inexact science, or perhaps an art in itself. Each prospective student's accomplishments, aptitude, activities and interests go into the mix, along with other factors. Admission officers must then multiply countless such individual details to project the biggest of pictures: the likely chemistry and character of an entire college class as it matriculates and matures over four years.

Oh, and they also work with applicants, parents, alumni, trustees and other administrators looking over their shoulders. Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Monica Inzer, who directs this annual admission marathon at Hamilton, is no longer a well-kept secret. The Sherrill, N.Y., native was recently recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of "10 admissions deans who are shaping their field." They are thinkers and communicators with well-defined goals who work at supportive institutions, the Chronicle said. But Inzer won particular praise for developing the College's plan to shift merit-aid resources to need-based aid beginning with the Class of 2012 — and then convincing trustees, alumni and administrators that it was both the right way and the smart way to take Hamilton.

"One of the reasons she's so influential is that she's a rare combination of being data savvy and people-oriented," President Joan Hinde Stewart told the Chronicle. "That gives her so much credibility, and at the same time, she's such a pleasure to work with."

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