Alumni Review – Summer – FALL 2013


Kerin Anne Gilmore Anello ’92

Kerin Anne Gilmore Anello ’92, a former medical editor, was born on Jan. 17, 1969, in Corona, Queens, New York. The eldest daughter of Thomas M., a mathematics teacher, and Kathleen Gilmore, an educational planner, “Keri” Gilmore grew up on Long Island, where she was graduated in 1986 from Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead. She was employed as a bank teller before enrolling at Hamilton from Malverne, NY, in 1988. She served as a copy editor for The Spectator and was also a volunteer at the Clinton Child Care Center. During her junior year she spent a semester on a Beaver College program in Britain. She concentrated in English and psychology, and was awarded her diploma in 1993.

Keri Gilmore was a VISTA volunteer after leaving the Hill. She subsequently worked as an editor for Scientific American, Thieme, the medical publishers, and WebMD, providers of online medical information. After her marriage, she primarily devoted time and attention to her family. In addition to reading, she found pleasure in photography.

Kerin Gilmore Anello was residing in Bayport on Long Island when she died on April 22, 2013, after a brief illness, at the age of 44. In addition to her husband, John Anello, and her parents, she is survived by two sons, Thomas J., age 9, and Connor M., age 8, as well as a brother and two sisters.
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