Kirkland Project Panel with Ward Churchill

Alumni and Parent Responses

It is generally the policy of the College to respond individually to each correspondence received. Due to the overwhelming response concerning the Kirkland Project's invitation to Ward Churchill to speak on Feb. 3, we are unable to respond to each individual e-mail. We have taken steps to publish here a sample of alumni and parent e-mails sent to campus offices in the past several weeks.

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1. As an alumni

2. I respecfully condemn

3. You know, there's such a thing

4. Wow Hamilton

5. I can't imagine

6. Good afternoon.

7. While I probably

8. Good grief--can't

9. I have been

10. As the father of

11. Upon reading this

12. I was just about

13. We can only hope

14. As an alumnus

15. Stop the nonsense..

16. I've just read Stewart's

17. Wonderful news.

18. One might have thought

19. I think this is prudent

20. When can we expect


22. Is there something wrong

23. I heard about the event

24. I am writing in support

25. My husband and I

26. I've just come from

27. As a parent

28. Hamilton has again

29. I do not understand

30. It is a terrible thing

31. As a Hamilton alumnus

32. I am not a fan of censorship

33. I am sad to say

34. I'll be brief

35. SO sorry to hear that

36. What is the board of trustees

37. What a shame

38. As parents

39. I have been a long time

40. I'd like to be one