Re: "Giving in to the Mob"

Dear Mr. Cohen,

Why did you wait until the controversy was over to write "Giving into the Mob?"

Where were you and The Washington Post when the phone was ringing off the hook, the e-mails were pouring in and the threats were piling up? Where were you when Bill O'Reilly was inciting viewers by telling them "not to do anything foolish?" Where were you when calls were coming from frightened parents who, while appreciating the first amendment's majesty, demanded that we protect their children?

We had every intention of proceeding with the event until the threats became more than a small college can handle. The significant damage is that hundreds of students who planned to protest Mr. Churchill's views are now left to wonder why bullying and intimidation prevented them from exercising their own right to speak. Even knowing this would happen, we still had to cancel the event.

When will you be editorializing about the harm that ideologically-driven media celebrities can visit upon educational institutions? It would have been useful for you and the Washington Post to speak out in defense of America's freedoms. But instead of condemning those who seek to silence unpopular opinions, you condemn us for taking seriously the safety of our students and our community. It was your fight we were fighting. Where were you?

Sincerely yours,

Joan Hinde Stewart