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Shelley Haley Ph.D.

Professor of Classics and Africana Studies

Contact: shaley@hamilton.edu

An expert on Cleopatra, she has appeared on the BBC's TimeWatch segment on Cleopatra, and was interviewed for The Learning Channel's series, "Rome: Power & Glory." Haley was a contributor to the African American Women Writers Series, 1910-1940 (1995) and has published articles in classical journals such as Historia, Classical World and Classica et Mediaevalia.

Haley was a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Washington University-St. Louis in 2002, and participated in the Oxford Round Table in 2003. She spent a month in South Africa in 1999, where she lectured on the classics as a foreign research fellow.

Haley has lectured nationally and internationally on the topic of increasing the representation of students of color in Latin, ancient Greek and classics classrooms. She has also lectured nationally and internationally on her research concerning the role of a classical education in the lives and careers of 19th century college-educated Black women. She published a chapter titled, "Lucian's 'Leaena and Clonarium'" Voyeurism or a Challenge to Assumptions?" in Nancy S. Rabinowitz and Lisa Auanger (eds.), Among Women: From the Homosocial to the Homoerotic in the Ancient World, Austin, TX: University of Texas  Press (2002).

Topics: Ancient Egypt,Cleopatra,Roman Literature