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Doug Massey
Sociologist Doug Massey to Discuss Mexican Immigration
Sociologist Doug Massey will discuss "Mexican Immigration in an Era of Economic Integration," on Monday, Oct. 14, at 8 p.m. in the Hamilton Chapel. He will discuss the book, Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Mexican Immigration in an Era of Economic Integration, which he co-authored with Jorge Durand, and Nolan J. Malone, concerning the effects of Mexican immigration on the U.S. economy. The lecture is free and open to the public. More ...
Isserman Interviewed for VOA
Maurice Isserman, William R. Kenan Professor of History, was interviewed for a Voice of America story on the discussion about war with Iraq. Isserman drew comparisons between current anti-war sentiment and the anti-war movement of the sixties. More ...
Helfant Publishes Article in Genetics
Genetics published an article this month by Visiting Instructor of Biology Astrid H. Helfant titled "Mutational analysis reveals a role for the C terminus of the proteasome subunit Rpt4p in spindle pole body duplication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae." More ...
Xu and Jin Publish Books, Xu Gives Talk
Associate Professor of Chinese De Bao Xu and Professor of Chinese Hong Gang Jin published two books, Crossing Paths: Living and Learning in China, and Shifting Tides: Culture in Contemporary China, Cheng & Tsui Company, Boston, 2002. In addition, Xu's talk "Pedagogical Issues in Teaching Classical Chinese" was selected in the proceedings of "Reflecting on the Future of Chinese Language Pedagogy: A Conference Honoring the 40-year Career of Professor George Chih-ch'ao Chao", that was held at University of Chicago, Oct. 11. More ...
Former President Jimmy Carter spoke at Hamilton in April, 2001.
Hamilton and the Nobel Prize
The 2002 Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to former President Jimmy Carter, who spoke at Hamilton in April 2001 as part of the College’s Sacerdote Great Names Series. Carter’s award comes 90 years after 1864 Hamilton graduate Elihu Root, who served his country as Secretary of State, Secretary of War and U.S. Senator, won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1912. More ...
Maurice Isserman
Historian Provides Context for Kennedy, Churchill and Johnson Quotes
The rhetoric employed in the Congressional debate over the Iraq resolution has been long on historical precedent, and short on historical context. Maurice Isserman, William R. Kenan Professor of History at Hamilton College, says, "To justify the unprecedented policy of preemptive attack, supporters of the Bush administration's resolution have frequently cited the examples of Winston Churchill in the 1930s, and John F. Kennedy in the 1960s. These are, at best, misleading historical analogies." More ...
Tuck Everlasting Movie Based on Natalie Babbitt Book
Tuck Everlasting, a Walt Disney Pictures movie based on the book by Natalie Babbitt, wife of former Kirkland College president Sam Babbitt, opens this weekend (Oct. 11-13). Sam Babbitt was president of Kirkland College from 1966 until it joined with Hamilton in 1978. Sam and Natalie Babbitt collaborated on The Forth-Ninth Magician in the mid-1960s, a book he wrote and she illustrated. Later, Natalie began writing and illustrating her own books, including Tuck. In his commencement address at Hamilton in 2001, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack '72 retold the story of The Forty-Ninth Magician for the graduating class, suggesting that they follow the theme and look for happiness in the simple things in life. More ...
World Famous Fight Choreographer Assisting with Romeo and Juliet Production

William Finlay, director of theatre at Union College and a world-renowned choreographer of fight scenes, will visit Hamilton on Saturday, Oct. 12, to assist in rehearsing scenes for the upcoming Hamilton production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Hamilton Assistant Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer is directing the production, which will be a contemporary look at Shakespeare's classic love story. It will be performed in Minor Theater on Nov. 14-16 and 20-23.  More ...

D.C. Sniper: America’s Newest Terrorist
U.S. citizens have been living in fear since the September 2001 terrorist attacks, and the newest rein of terror, D.C.’s sniper, has generated increased fear for personal safety. Douglas Raybeck, professor of anthropology, says, “While this sniper may have nothing to do with Islamic extremists, he is playing upon similar fears and upon a context of significant unease. His acts are terrifying: he is a terrorist." More ...
Li quoted in Reuters
Professor of Government and China expert Cheng Li was quoted in a Reuters article about how the children of Chinese leaders today are different from their predecessors because they are avoiding the political spotlight. They were once assured tickets to power and riches, which changed after a series of scandals in the 1990s that sparked a crackdown on corruption. The children had come of age amid unprecedented economic reform that saw them put in control of key industries and deep pools of public fund with little oversight. “Public resistance to, and the institutional restraints on, tazai [the children], mishu (personal assistants) and other personal networks has been stronger than ever during the past few years,” Li said. The children of the political elite and their spouses had incomes as high as 120 times the national average with 78 percent of them suspects in fraud cases involving more than five million yuan. More ...
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