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Back to the Classroom
Hamilton faculty members are going back to the classroom, not as teachers but as students. In a two-day workshop, faculty were introduced not only to cutting-edge technology available but also to the latest research in teaching and learning and how to incorporate oral presentations into the classroom. This overview will aid them in developing and teaching the new sophomore seminars, which will be introduced this fall. More ...
Philip Klinkner, James S. Sherman Associate Professor of Government
Klinkner Appointed to James S. Sherman Chair
Hamilton College President Eugene M. Tobin has announced the appointment of Associate Professor of Government Philip Klinkner to the James S. Sherman Chair at Hamilton. Appointments to faculty chairs are made by the president, acting on the recommendation of Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty David Paris. More ...
Economics Professor Travels to Latvia, Belgium, Spain and Japan
Economics Professor Derek Jones traveled to Latvia, Belgium and Spain this summer to deliver several papers and participate as a discussant on transitional economies, employee participation and information technology. He continued his travels to Japan where he is a visiting professor at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. More ...
Katherine Hankowski '05 and Anna Arnold '04
Lehman and Summer Students Study Neurotransmitters
Among the 90 students participating in the summer science research program are Katherine Hankowski ’05, Anna Arnold ’04, and Karen Meagher ’04. The three students are working under the direction of Associate Professor of Biology Herman Lehman and Associate Professor of Chemistry Ian Rosenstein, studying two neurotransmitters found in the nerve cells of the Mandura Sexta caterpillar. The group is attempting to prove that these neurotransmitters do, in fact, exist together, but have been approaching the problem from different angles. More ...
Lubi Kutua '04
Kutua '04 Building NMR
Lubi Kutua ’04, a physics and math major, has dedicated 10 weeks of his summer vacation to science research under the direction of Assistant Professor of Physics Gordon Jones. Kutua has been working on a theory that many medical scientists are currently researching, involving the use of MRIs. Scientists hope that they will be able to use polarized helium gas to complete tests on patients that could previously only be done by use of the MRI. Kutua has been building a device, called a nuclear magnetic resonator (NMR), that will measure the amount of polarized helium gas in an area. Kutua had taken an electrics class previously that he enjoyed, so he approached both Professor Jones and Associate Professor of Physics Brian Collett about doing summer research. While research is probably not in Kutua’s future plans, he feels this was a very beneficial experience. More ...
Joe Smith '04 works on dribbling skills with the campers
Tom Murphy Hosts Continental Basketball Day Camp
Over the previous two weeks the Margaret Bundy Scott Field House was the home to almost 200 boys for the annual Continental Basketball Day Camp at Hamilton College. Head men’s basketball coach Tom Murphy is the camp director and was joined by assistant coaches at Hamilton College, Stan Evans, Randie Torgalski. The one-week session for boys entering grades 5-8 ends August 2, with a one-week camp for boys entering grades 9-12 began Monday, August 5. The campers worked on individual skills and station drills in the mornings, play full games, attend lectures and swim in the afternoons. More ...
Day Trippers
Stuck on the hill for the summer because publications are due, there's a conference to run or this is the only time to catch up on that work that will never get done when the students get back? Here are some day trip ideas from fellow Hamiltonians. Go on. Take a day. It'll do you a world of good. More ...
Douglas Ambrose, The Sidney Wertimer Jr. Associate Professor of History
Ambrose Appointed to Wertimer Chair
Hamilton College President Eugene M. Tobin has announced the appointment of Associate Professor of History Douglas Ambrose to the Sidney Wertimer Jr. Chair at Hamilton. The appointment to the chair is made by the president, on the advice of Vice President and Dean of the Faculty David C. Paris. More ...
New Dean of Multicultural Affairs Asks for Campus Support
Marc David, Hamilton's new Assistant Dean of Students for Multicultural Student Affairs, is asking for campus support of his proposed initiatives. He is seeking members of the community to serve as a resource base for multicultural students. More ...
Andy Morgan '04 and Professor Johnson
Morgan '04 and Johnson Study Lip Reading
Andy Morgan ’04, a psychology major, has devoted 10 weeks of his summer vacation to science research under the direction of Visiting Instructor of Psychology Jennifer Johnson. Morgan has been studying the correlation between lip reading and dynamic spatial reasoning. It is hypothesized that the large discrepancy in an individual’s ability to lip read is related to one’s ability to see multiple things happen at once, or to be able to spatially reason. At this point in the process, Morgan is generating stimuli and possible tests that could be run to prove the theory. The ultimate goal of his research is to find a way to teach people to dynamically spatially reason, which would then have an impact on their ability to lip read. Morgan is highly interested in this research and hopes to be able to continue working on the project into the fall, when tests would actually be run. More ...
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