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Cafruny Presents Paper
Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs Alan Cafruny presented his paper titled “Assessing the Transatlantic Relationship: Implications of Trade and Monetary Conflicts for the International Political Economy” in Rome, Italy, at the Istituto Affari Internazionali Conference on New International Challenges: Reassessing the Transatlantic Partnership. More ...
Kevin Grant
Grant Publishes Article in Journal of British Studies
Assistant Professor of History Kevin Grant published an article, "Bones of Contention: The Repatriation of the Remains of Roger Casement," in the Journal of British Studies, July 2002, pp. 329-353. He also published an essay titled, "The Post-Cold War Era, 1988-2002," in John Grayson Kirk (ed.), The History of the World. (World Publications, 2002). He presented a paper on the subject of "Trusteeship, Empire, and International Government," at the Anglo-American Conference of Historians in London in July. More ...
Dunsmore Presents Research at Conference
Assistant Professor of Psychology Julie Dunsmore presented a paper, co-authored with Megan Robinson '00, at the conference of the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development in Ottawa. The presentation, "Parental socialization of empathy and altruism and children's reasons for prosocial behavior," was part of a symposium chaired by Sophie Havighurst titled, "The socialization of children's emotional regulation." The conference was held in Ottawa, ON. More ...
Jin Receives Research Grant for Sabbatical
Professor of Chinese Hong Gang Jin received a research grant from the National Science Council in Taiwan in August, 2002. She is currently working with colleagues at the Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at National Taiwan Normal University. The grant is a prestigious research grant from the Taiwan government, which provides support for Jin's research and living expenses for ten months in Taiwan. While there, she plans to collect data and necessary materials for her two books: 1. The Role of Classroom Interaction in Second Language Acquisition; 2. Experimental Studies of Multimedia Effects on Chinese Language Learning. Jin is also visiting different Chinese programs in Taiwan and giving lectures on topics of Chinese language pedagogy. More ...
Seager Interviewed by Wichita Eagle
Religious Studies Professor Richard Seager was interviewed for a Wichita Eagle article about a new Buddhist temple in Wichita that is hoping to attract people of all faiths and races. Seager, the author of Buddhism in America (Columbia, 1999), said the new temple is similar to those created by other ethnic Buddhist groups in America. As a group attracts non-Asians, a parallel congregation often forms. "You begin to get people who like the chanting, and the monks do classes in seated meditation because that's what a lot of Americans like." "You get this other congregation going who really doesn't know about Vietnamese holidays." More ...
Maurice and Todd’s Excellent Adventure
Maurice Isserman, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of History, and Todd Rayne, associate professor of geology, spent 10 days in June retracing the Lewis and Clark expedition route from St. Louis, Mo., to Astoria, Ore. Isserman and Rayne will recount the historical and natural sites they visited and introduce the new sophomore seminar, "The Lewis and Clark Expedition," on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 4:15 p.m., in the Red Pit. More ...
Klinkner Quoted in Florida Times-Union
Philip Klinkner, The James S. Sherman Professor of Government, was recently quoted in the Florida Times-Union. In the article, "Officials Hope Blacks Show for Primary," Klinkner said, "The thing about spoiled ballots is, you don't know if it was yours, and I bet most people felt that their vote was counted." He added, "People show up to vote when they feel a candidate can improve their lives, or when a challenger poses a perceived danger." More ...
President Tobin welcomes a first-year student
Hamilton's Class of 2006 Matriculates
Members of the class of 2006 participated in the College's matriculation ceremony, held annually in the Kirkland Cottage. President Eugene M. Tobin, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty David Paris and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Rit Fuller were on hand to greet the first-year students and invite them to sign the historic College Register. More ...
Denver Post Article References Hamilton College Muslim America Poll
An article that appeared in the Denver Post said, "Hamilton College 'Muslim America' Poll released in May says more than half of the 500 Muslims surveyed said they knew individuals who were victims of anti-Muslim discrimination, harassment or assault following September 11." More ...
Collett Presents Lecture and Posters
Associate Professor of Physics Brian Collett presented a talk and two posters, which included "FETs Only: Teaching Electronics Without Bipolar Transistors," "Light Atom Energy Levels in Excel" and "Which Chip? Selecting a Microprocessor for Teaching,"at the 2002 summer American Association of Physics Teachers meeting in Boise, Idaho. More ...
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