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Hamilton College Athletics Weekly Release December 3rd
In the UCAA Swimming and Diving, Hamilton placed first with Anthony Loeffler and Jen Kunz taking top honors. In women's b-ball, Hamilton defeated Utica College and Pitt-Bradford with Brenna Chiaputti and Jenny Russell in the spotlight. Men's b-ball defeated Hartwick and Maine-Prescott Isle, spotlighting Jim McCarthy and Kris Fudge. More ...
Hamilton College Athletics Weekly Release
Hamilton College Athletics ends the fall season with a win by the football team. Meanwhile, men's soccer and women's cross-country advanced to the NCAA Championships. More ...
Attacking Alzheimer's Disease
"I like knowing that my research can make a difference," says Jodi Leverone, who is in the middle of an extensive project to continue the search for an effective way to immunize the body against the Alzheimer's Disease. More ...
All About Asteroids
Mike Smith, an Arlington, Virginia, native, has been an avid stargazer since he was young, and now, as part of his Senior Project in physics, he is in the middle of an extensive asteroid research project. "In general," explains Peter Millet, professor of physics and Mike's project advisor, "asteroids are interesting to us because they may be comprised of primordial solar system material and can tell us much about how our solar system was formed. Plus, several large ones have actually hit the Earth and the Moon in the past (e.g., the lunar craters and the Meteor Crater in Arizona), so we like to keep an eye on where they're headed. Asteroids' orbits are constantly changing, some more rapidly than others, and exactly how they leave their benign orbits between Mars and Jupiter and enter the inner solar system -- our neighborhood -- is a topic of current research interest. " More ...
Hamilton Places 24th Nationally
July 20, 2000 - Hamilton finished 24th of 393 eligible colleges in the competition for the 2000 Sears' Cup, which recognizes overall athletic excellence as determined by a college's finish in all NCAA championships. Four Continental teams placed among the top 10 in NCAA competition. More ...
The Ecology of Muskrat Consumptions on Freshwater Clams
Thomas Diggins, visiting assistant professor of biology, published a paper, "Evidence of large change in unionid mussel abundance from selective muskrat predation, as inferred by shell remains left on shore." The paper, co-authored with K.M. Stewart of SUNY Buffalo, appeared in the December 2000 issues of International Review of Hydrobiology. More ...
Foundation provides $75,000 for new facility
Summary - Rensselaer scored two-second half goals and improved to 9-0 on the season. More ...
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