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Pierce Published Article in Journal of Psychosocial Oncology
Associate Professor of Psychology Gregory Pierce published an article, "The social context of coping with prostate cancer," in the Journal of Psychosocial Oncology. More ...
Pierce Publishes Article in Journal of Rehabilitation Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology Gregory Pierce wrote an article, "Issues in the study of stress and coping in rehabilitation settings," which appeared in the Journal of Rehabilitation Psychology. More ...
Shields Publishes Article in JACS
Professor of Chemistry George Shields published an article, "Absolute pKa Determinations for Substituted Phenols," in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Shields co-authored the paper with Hamilton undergraduate Matthew Liptak '03. More ...
Tejerina-Canal Spends Sabbatical Organizing ALDEEU Symposium
Professor of Spanish Santiago Tejerina-Canal spent his sabbatical organizing and directing the “International Encounter 2001: Una odiesa del espacio…entre raices, catedrales y rascacielos,” which took place at the University of Leon in July. It was the second ALDEEU (Spanish Professional in America) symposium Tejerina-Canal organized, with 18 sessions and more than 60 panelists. He also delivered a paper, “Antruido y las vacas locas,” at the symposium. More ...
Tejerina-Canal Published Article in El Nuevo Horizonte
Professor of Spanish Santiago Tejerina-Canal published an article "A una parte del cristal: Profesionales españoles en Estados Unidos" in Carmen Flys Junquera and Juan E. Cruz Cabrera ed. "El nuevo horizonte: España/Estados Unidos (El legado de 1848 y 1898 frente al nuevo milenio)," (Madrid: Universidad de Alcalá, Biblioteca de Estidios Norteamericanos, 2001). This is part of the 1848 and 1898 commemoration of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo and Paris treaties among USA, Mexico and Spain. His article is part of the selected proceedings of the international conference that took place in five different sites: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Quezon City, Phillipines, Berkeley, Miami, and Madrid. He was guest speaker in Madrid as former president of ALDEEU (Spanish Professionals in America). More ...
Odamtten Presents Lecture at Syracuse University
Professor of English Vincent Odamtten gave a lecture in connection with the 45th anniversary celebration of Ghana's Independence titled "The Legacy of Kwame Nkrumah: Neocolonialism and Morality in an Age of Terror" at Syracuse University. More ...
Klinkner Finds Republicans Sending New Message
Hamilton Professor of Government Philip Klinkner was quoted in the Democrat & Chronicle for an article exploring the recent Republican attempts at wooing Latinos. The selection of Dora Irizarry as the GOP candidate for New York state attorney general has caused many to sit up and take notice. Klinkner believes, "Irizarry's selection may be more important among suburban Republicans and independents - moderates looking for clues that the GOP is inclusive - than among Latinos." More ...
Rojas Lectures at American Academy of Religion
Mary V. Rojas, visiting professor in religious studies and a Grinnell Consortium Fellow, has been granted a second year at Hamilton. In April, she gave a lecture to the Regional Academy of American Religion titled, "She Bathes in a Sacred Place: Didactics of Scratching Sticks in Native American Women's Rites of Seclusion." (Session: "Construction of Women's Religious Identity") More ...
Levitt Scholar Rebecca Karb '02 spoke to an economics class at Clinton High School.
What is a Living Wage?
On May 17 Levitt Scholar, Rebecca Karb '02 spoke to James Davis’s Clinton High School economics class about the implications of living wage legislation. She explained the effect of regional variations on the cost of living and the impact on employers of raising minimum wage rates. Becky’s presentation was based on her senior thesis in Public Policy with advisor, Associate Professor of Government Gary Wyckoff, for which she was granted honors. More ...
Levitt Scholar Shauna Sweet tells fellow scholar Carrie McNeill '02 about the Appalachian Trail.
Appalachian Trail Provides Adventure and Research
Shauna Sweet '03 described some of her experiences thru-hiking in her Levitt Scholar topic, "The Appalachian Trail as an American Pilgrimage." American narratives come together on the Appalachian trail: an adventurer on a perilous journey, a solitary sojourner into the wilderness, a rugged outdoorsman striking across the countryside. This trek along the east coast provided the basis for a sociological research project, and was also the topic of her presentations to school students. Shauna traveled to high schools in the local area including Mohawk, Waterville and Whitesboro, and gave a presentation during spring break at Gardiner High School back home in Maine. She will make another presentation to a biology class at her alma mater, Hall Dale High School in Farmington, Maine. More ...
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