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Frechette Presents at Asian Studies Conference
Ann Frechette, Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies and assistant professor of anthropology, presented a paper, "Poverty Reduction or Population Transfer: Competing Interpretations of a China-Tibet Resettlement Project," at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The presentation was part of a panel on "Amdo-Gansu in China's Political Imaginaries." More ...
65 Hamilton Students Will Conduct Summer Research
Sixty-five Hamilton students have each been awarded $3,500 stipends to conduct research in the sciences and mathematics at Hamilton College during the summer of 2002. The students receiving awards were chosen in a highly competitive process from the largest group of candidates in the College's history. Summer research applicants write research proposals and seek faculty sponsors to guide their projects for 10 weeks over the summer. More ...
Government Dept. Announces Reading List
The Hamilton Department of Government announced its reading list of texts to help enhance an understanding of politics. The list, comprised of selections by each faculty member, includes many classic works as well as contemporary scholarly publications. More ...
A scene from John O'Keefe's <i>All Night Long</i>
Theatre Department to Perform All Night Long
The Hamilton College Department of Theatre will present John O'Keefe's satiric comedy, All Night Long, Wednesday through Saturday, April 24-27, at 8 p.m., in Minor Theater. More ...
Panelists Cohen, Long, Macdonald and McArn engaged in lively discussion
Ethics Roundtable Stimulated Humor, Insight and More Questions
If attendance is an indicator, the search for answers to everyday ethical problems is of high interest on campus. The KJ auditorium was at capacity for Tuesday’s presentation, “Virtue and Advice: A Roundtable Discussion of Everyday Ethical Problems.” More ...
Dr. Amy Leventer of Colgate Speaks At Antarctic Conference
As part of the Antarctic Peninsula Conference, Dr. Amy Leventer of Colgate University presented the results of research she conducted with Hamilton College Professor of Geology Eugene Domack. They studied marine sediments to find records of environmental and temperature change. By identifying the species of fossilized diatoms in the sediment, they were able to tell what the environment was like at the time these organisms were alive. Diatoms are microscopic... More ...
John Anderson, Rice University professor of earth science
Rice University Professor John Anderson on Sea Level Rise
Rice University Professor of Earth Science John Anderson was among opening day speakers at the NSF-funded "Antarctic Peninsular Climate Variability" conference, being held at Hamilton College. The conference is the first opportunity for Antarctic researchers to discuss the recent losses to the Larsen B ice shelf. More ...
Gane Presents Paper at African Literature Association Meeting
Assistant Professor of English Gillian Gane presented a paper, "Unspeakable Injuries in J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace and Zoe Wicomb's David's Story," as part of a panel titled "South African Literature: Gender and Nation Formation" at the 28th annual meeting of the African Literature Association in San Diego. More ...
Teaching with Technology: Greece & Rome on the Web
Carl Rubino, Edward North Professor of Classics, discussed: The classroom use of VROMA   and  Perseus, two web sites dedicated to the teaching and study of Latin, Greek, and Greco-Roman history and culture. Dr. Rubino also reported on his long-distance collaborations with Skidmore. More ...
Eugene Domack in New York Times
Professor of Geology Eugene Domack was interviewed for a New York Times article (4/2/02) about changing Antarctic climate patterns. Domack, who spent six weeks doing research in Antarctica during December and January, discussed the Larsen A Ice Shelf. Domack and researchers found tiny fossils of marine algae on the sea floor that was once covered by the Larsen Shelf. The finding indicated that this part of the ice shelf had been open water at least once before. Domack said the shelf probably melted about 6,000 years ago in a previous warm spell, and remained open water until refreezing during the Little Ice age about 700 years ago, then remained frozen until it fell apart in 1995. More ...
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