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Working on Capitol Hill
Having grown up in Egypt and Nigeria before moving to the United States, Saadiah Lababidi brought her international perspective to Hamilton’s Term in Washington Program, where she interned with the Senate Subcommittee on African Affairs and the Council for American-Egyptian Affairs. More ...
Making A Difference
When Nicole Austin took her first women’s studies course, she was surprised when Professor Vivyan Adair shared stories about her experience as a mother on welfare. "I was completely shocked," Nicole recalled. "Here was this great teacher who had found a way to overcome poverty, get an education and become a college professor. It was inspiring." More ...
Liz Schroth
Warming Up to College Around a Campfire
Imagine yourself on a river in the Adirondack Mountains, canoeing through a driving rainstorm. Your arms are so tired that they’re burning, you’re hungry, it’s freezing, and to top it all off, you are with people you hardly know. More ...
Patricia O'Neill Presents Paper Conference on Literature and Film
Professor of English Patricia O'Neill presented a paper, "Patricia Rozema's Mansfield Park," at the 27th Annual Conference on Literature and Film, Jan. 25, 2002. More ...
Michael Granof '63 Writes New York Times Op-Ed
Michael Granof, a 1963 graduate of Hamilton and currently a professor of accounting at the University of Texas at Austin, co-authored an op-ed about Congress and the Enron bankruptcy for The New York Times (1/23/02). Granof feels that Congress is partially responsible for Enron's collapse because it failed to pressure the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission to demand tougher standards for financial reporting in the petroleum industry back in the 1970's and 80's. More ...
Sturm explains the SGI Origin 300 with its 32 processors and 32 gigabytes of memory
Supercomputer Acquired for Student/Faculty Research
As part of the Undergraduate Chemistry Supercomputer Research Consortium project, funded by the National Science Foundation, the chemistry department at Hamilton College has acquired a supercomputer for student and faculty research. More ...
CAB Presents: Big Tubba Mista Swing Dance
The 8-piece band of Pennsylvania swingcats continues Big Tubba's legacy, hitting the stage with the style and flair that the big boss would have expected. More ...
CAB Presents: Comedian Jamie Lissow
As a recent college graduate, and an even more recent law school dropout, Jamie entertainingly shares his diverse college experiences and unique family upbringing with audiences across the country. His insights cover everything from; when to schedule classes so that attendance is not required, to how many classes one must take to still be eligible for benefits such as college football tickets. More ...
CAB & FebFest Presents: Martin Sexton & John Gorka
Join CAB and two of the biggest modern-day folk legends who will blow you away with some of the most soothing and melodic voices around. Martin Sexton and John Gorka will perform on Monday, Feb. 4 at 8 p.m. in the Chapel. Armed with little more than a guitar, a suitcase full of heartfelt songs, and one of music's most truly stunning voices, Martin Sexton has spent the 90's winning over fans across the land and doing it the old-fashioned way. John Gorka was born in Newark, NJ and at age 10 got his first guitar which his older brother quickly claimed as his own. As a result, John took up the banjo. More ...
CAB Presents: Ellis Paul
Infused with hardball honesty and telling details, Ellis Paul’s songs merge big ideas with incidental moments. As a rising star in the songwriting world, Ellis is well known for his passionate, yet literate character sketches that strike at the heart of the human condition. More ...
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