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Pierce Interviewed by Albany Times Union About Managing Stress
Professor of Psychology Gregory Pierce was interviewed for the Albany Times Union article titled "Your outlook shapes body's stress damage."  Pierce said, "managing stress successfully is all about reframing our experiences." If something negative happens, he says, admit that it was upsetting. Then use the event as a learning experience. More ...
Owen Comments on Social Security System in San Antonio Express-News
Ann Owen, former Federal Reserve economist and associate professor of economics, was quoted in the San Antonio Express-News article titled "Saving Social Security." Owen said, "I think that a modest amount of Social Security dedicated to private accounts would be fine. But I don't want us to forget the dual purposes of Social Security. One of the purposes of Social Security is redistribution to prevent poverty among the elderly. And can you have private accounts that have that as a goal? Yes, you can. But it can also interfere with that goal." More ...
Four Hamilton Professors Receive Freeman Foundation Research Grants

Hamilton College Professors Cheng Li, Ann Frechette, Thomas Wilson and Kyoko Omori have been awarded research grants from the Freeman Foundation for their proposals for Asian studies research projects. The grant program funds both long-term and short-term projects. Projects that receive funding from the Freeman Foundation are focused on professional development of the Hamilton Asian studies faculty.  More ...

Government Professor Discusses Chinese Provincial Leadership with BBC
Cheng Li, the William R. Kenan Professor of Government, was interviewed by BBC World Service on Feb 10. Li discussed the rise of lawyers in the Chinese provincial leadership. More ...
Erdinc-Koker Awarded Syracuse University Maxwell School Grant to Develop Course
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics Didar Erdinc-Koker has been awarded a curriculum development grant from the Syracuse University Maxwell School European Union Center. Erdinc-Koker will use the grant to develop a new course on “Law and Economics in the EU,” with a specific emphasis on the anti-trust legislation in the EU and its competition policy. More ...
Utica Observer-Dispatch Publishes Editorial About Urban Service Project
The Utica Observer-Dispatch published an editorial (3/21/05) praising a group of Hamilton College students who participated in an Urban Service Experience" during the college's spring break. The editorial noted: "There aren't too many college students who would choose Cornhill over Cancun as the place to spend spring break. But five students from Hamilton College did just that, not only raising their own social consciousness, but reinforcing a valuable bond between college and community." Urban Service Experience (USE) trips are also offered to incoming first-year students at Hamilton as a way to learn about the nearby city of Utica, and as a day-long volunteer activity in January after students return to Hamilton from winter break. More ...
“Jesus in the East: The Spiritual Traditions of the Byzantine and Russian Orthodox Churches”

“Close Reading” Assignment


Students in “Jesus in the East: The Spiritual Traditions of the Byzantine and Russian Orthodox Churches (RSNST/RELST 255; Spring 2005) were given the assignment to research the symbolism and theological significance of a pre-selected group of medieval Russian icons.  Their findings and analysis were codified in a poster printed in the Multimedia Presentation Center.  More ...

Kamiya Presents Papers at Chicago Linguistics Society and Syracuse University
Assistant Professor of Japanese Masaaki Kamiya presented a paper at the 41st Chicago Linguistics Society, held in April at the University of Chicago. The paper was titled "Nominalization and Case Marking in Japanese." In his talk Kamiya argued that the structural case in Japanese is marked in phonologica form, while the structural case in English is marked at narrow syntax. This is a one place where two languages are parameterized in principle and parameter framework, Kamiya said. HE also gave a talk at a workshop on SOV variation held at Syracuse University on April 9 and 10. That talk was titled "Theta Marking, Syntactic Category, and Inherent Case in Japanese." Kamiya argued that there is no complementizer in Japanese, but the so-called complementizer in Japanese is actually an inherent case that is marked in narrow syntax. Thus, he claimed that there are two case marking place in syntactic derivations: one is at PF for structural case and the other is in narrow syntax for inherent case.

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Indo-Caribbean Artist Discusses Expression of Race, Gender in Her Artwork
Indo-Caribbean Artist Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper presented "Hybrid Identities, Multiple Subjectivities: Indo-Caribbean Art" on April 15 in the Red Pit. More ...
NASA Astronaut James Reilly Lectures at Hamilton
NASA astronaut Dr. James F. Reilly presented his perspective as a geologist and an astronaut in a lecture titled “Mars Exploration: Rovers to Human Geophysical Crews – A (Fun) Work in Progress” at Hamilton on May 1. Dr. Reilly discussed exploration of the Moon and on Mars; his lecture was complemented by an extensive power point presentation complete with photos and video of space exploration.
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