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Zhu Interviewed on BBC About Wen Jiabao's U.S. Visit
Zhiqun Zhu, visiting assistant professor of government, was interviewed on BBC "The World Today" about Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao's current visit to the U.S. and U.S.-China relations.  Zhu said Taiwan and trade will be two distinct issues on the Prime Minister's agenda.  "On Taiwan, he would ask President Bush to issue a clear-cut statement opposing Taiwanese independence.  Failing that, he would press the American government to curb Taiwan's movement towards formal independence from China," Zhu said.  On the trade issue, he said, "Prime Minister Wen is expected to explain China's positions.  Wen may argue that trade is global and trade imbalance between China and the U.S. is structural." More ...
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Sharpley-Whiting Leads Panel at MLA Conference
Professor of French and Africana Studies Tracy Sharpley-Whiting presided over a panel at the annual Modern Language Association (MLA) convention, held Dec. 27-30 in San Diego.  The panel, "The End of Affirmative Action? Preferences, Reverse Discrimination and the New University," explored issues of race and preferences pre- and post- the Supreme Court challenges to the Michigan case. Professor of Women's Studies Chandra Talpade Mohanty was a panel participant. Shapley-Whiting also presented a paper on the panel, Multidisciplinary Approaches to Literature. Her paper was titled "Intersectionality or the Romancing of Diaspora Studies."
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Tewksbury, Adair and Hirshfield Appointed to Endowed Chairs

Hamilton College President Joan Hinde Stewart, in consultation with Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty David Paris, announced the following appointments to endowed chairs. Stephen Harper Kirner Professor of Geology Barbara Tewksbury will become the William R. Kenan Chair of Geology; Assistant Professor of Women's Studies Vivyan Adair will become the inaugural holder of the Elihu Root Peace Fund Chair; and Professor Stuart Hirshfield is now the Stephen Harper Kirner Chair of Computer Science.

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January 22 Marks the 100th Birth Anniversary of NYC Ballet Choreographer George Balanchine

January 22 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of New York City Ballet choreographer George Balanchine.

Catherine Gunther Kodat, a professor of American Studies, has been researching Balanchine and his influence as part of her larger project on Cold War culture. A former dance critic for The Baltimore Sun and Dance Magazine, Kodat says: Balanchine was the most important ballet choreographer of the 20th century (considering ballet as a distinct genre of dance), and certainly among the most important in Western dance generally. Influential not only for ballet choreographers, but for those working in modern dance as well; both Twyla Tharp and Mark Morris have acknowledged his influence on their own work.

"His application of modernist principles of artistic structure to dance (most famously, in getting rid of plot and story, inviting us to 'see the music and hear the dance'), which was radical in the 1930s, has become commonplace. Though what I like most about that move was how, in applying 'abstraction' to the human form, he helped us see that, in a way, there may not be any such thing as 'pure' abstraction. He's alleged to have once said, 'A man and a woman meet; they dance; they part. How much more story do you want?' The truth there is that we're naturally story-making creatures; Balanchine understood that beautifully."  More ...

Ultra Violet, protégé of Andy Warhol, to Speak Feb. 11
Ultra Violet (Isabelle Collin Dufresne), superstar protégé of Andy Warhol and author of Famous for Fifteen Minutes will present, "Andy Warhol: Ultra Violet Reveals a Legacy," Wednesday, Feb. 11, 4:30 p.m., in Wellin Hall.  A reception and book-signing will take place following the presentation in the Emerson Gallery.  This event is in conjunction with the Emerson Gallery presentation of the exhibition 1968: YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION. More ...
Performance-enhancing Drugs Trump Environment in State of the Union
"On the environment, the President's views in the State of the Union Address were made plain by the conspicuous absence of this issue from his speech, aside from a brief and vague discussion of energy policy," said Peter Cannavo a visiting professor of government at Hamilton College.  "Perhaps he considers the use of performance-enhancing drugs by professional athletes, to which he devoted a good chunk of valuable time, to be a more important issue than the state of the planet we inhabit.  More ...
Ambrose and Isserman Publish Opposing Op-eds on Roe v. Wade
Maurice Isserman, professor of history, and Douglas Ambrose, the Sidney Wertimer Jr. associate professor of history, and Doug's wife Sheila O'Connor-Ambrose, have published opposing opinion pieces on the 31st anniversary of Roe v. Wade in the Observer-Dispatch. More ...
Trivedi Awarded Prestigious Research Fellowship

Lisa Trivedi, Assistant Professor of History, was awarded a senior research fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies. The award will allow her to travel to Bombay, India during the 2004-2005 academic year to complete her project, "Bound By Cloth:  Women Textile Workers in the Bombay Presidency and Lancashire, c.1880-1930."  While in Bombay, she plans to conduct archival research to complete her academic endeavor.   More ...

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