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Sociologist Mitchell Stevens Guests on "Inside Tulsa"
Mitchell Stevens, assistant professor of sociology and author of Kingdom of Children: Culture and Controversy in the Homeschooling Movement, was a guest on Tulsa, Okla. NPR affiliate KWGS on December 13. Stevens discussed his book and homeschooling on the "Inside Tulsa" program. More ...
Percy Luney '70 and Ruth Witherspoon K '77 Join Forces in Florida
Percy Luney, a 1970 graduate of Hamilton College who became Dean of Florida A&M's College of Law in April, has been joined in the school's administration by Ruth Witherspoon, a 1977 graduate of Kirkland College. Witherspoon is associate dean for administrative services and student affairs at the new law school. She was at Florida State Law School before she joined Luney in Orlando at FAMU. Luney is featured in a news story on the "Orlando Weekly News" Web site. More ...
Off the Larsen Ice Shelf
Journal entry from Hamilton's Antarctica 2001 research expedition: After leaving a group of researchers on Seymour Island the Nathaniel B. Palmer carrying the expedition sailed southwest to the Larsen B ice shelf. The sea in front of Larsen B is ice free and smooth as glass.
More ...
Town-Gown Fund Announces First Grant Recipients
Five grants totaling $10,000 were recently awarded from the Hamilton College Town-Gown Fund to educational and public safety organizations in the Town of Kirkland. Recipients of the inaugural awards included the Clinton Central School District, $1,500, and the Clinton Central School Foundation, $1,000, both to support the District's Professional Development Center; the Clinton Fire Department, $3,000 toward the purchase of an infrared imaging camera; St. Mary's School, $3,000 for computer equipment; and the Town of Kirkland Police Department, $1,500 to extend the hours for the Youth Center in Lumbard Hall. More ...
Klinkner Quoted in Hartford Courant
Associate Professor of Government Philip Klinkner, comments on the election of African American James E. Brown to East Hampton, Conn. town council. Klinkner, who has researched the impact of race on American politics, said in communities that are overwhelmingly white, voters are more apt to put aside race to elect a minority whom they like and deem qualified...The reason is that in places such as East Hampton with such a small minority presence, he said, "there's no sense among residents that they are vying for control of the town." More ...
Scott McCallum, Kate McMullen '02, Diana Duran '03 and Neil Basu
Into the Drake Passage
The Hamilton expedition aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer is heading into the Drake passage. This is one of the legs of their trip to Antarctica. More ...
Navigation screen showing course past King George Island.
Leaving the Drake
"Cloudy, windy and snow squalls with building seas" is the forecast for the Hamilton group as they head out of the Drake passage and make their way south toward Antarctica. More ...
Sunset at midnight over the Trinity Peninsula, as viewed from the Antarctic Sound.
Land Ho!
" ...when I came on duty at midnight we were passing through the Antarctic Sound at the tip of the Palmer Peninsula. A beautiful sunset occurred at midnight..." Read Dave Tewksbury's daily journal entries from Hamilton's Antarctica 2001 expedition. More ...
Adler Conference Takes Place on Jan. 25
The Adler Conference will be held on Friday, Jan. 25, 12-4:30 p.m. The conference is an annual student-run event devoted to the discussion of issues of importance to the Hamilton Community at large. The 2001-2002 theme for Adler is: "Evolving The Hamilton Experience." More ...
2002 Golf Calendars
2002 discount Golf Calendars are available for sale to Hamilton employees. The cost is $20.50 including tax. Great Christmas gifts. Call Gina Hibbard at ext. 4104, or e-mail ghibbard. More ...
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