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Sharon Williams Comments on Plagiarism
Director of the Hamilton Writing Center Sharon Williams commented on plagiarism in a piece exploring student reactions to accusations that historian Stephen Ambrose stole material for his best-selling books. Williams commented, "Some student plagiarism is inadvertent. Students often struggle with the basic concepts of attribution... But even beginning scholars should know that when you are using exact wording from another source, you acknowledge that person as a source." More ...
Simon Quoted in Los Angeles Times
Hamilton Philosophy Professor Robert Simon was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times about political correctness in the college classroom. According to Simon, "The hesitancy to judge has created a moral paralysis among some students." He goes on to report that "as many as one-fifth of his students, while well-meaning, ultimately refuse to morally denounce the Holocaust, slavery and human sacrifice." He concludes, "I thnk sometimes students are just protecting themselves. If they come out with a politically incorrect statement, they can really get hammered." More ...
Caitlyn Cook
Speculating About the Future
The year is 2075. The United States has just established Abeona, the first self-sustaining colony on Mars. While the station initially seemed secure, all of a sudden ... More ...
Antarctic Adventures
On the deck of the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer, the scientists cracked open the core sample taken from the ocean floor deep below the icy Antarctic waters. "This is it," exclaimed Hamilton Geology Professor Eugene Domack. Inside, layers of clay and silt revealed clues about climate patterns in the region 15,000 years earlier, which may be relevant to current debates about global warming. More ...
World-Class Research
When Elizabeth Guancial walked into the lab on the first day of her internship at the National Institutes of Health, she was surprised to find the 14 scientists in the clinical virology section of the Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases gathered around a television. The group was watching one of their colleagues on "Good Morning America." More ...
Emily Sensenbach
Harmony Through Writing
At first glance, biology and music seem to have little in common. But for Emily Sensenbach, the approach to both is methodical and analytical, whether she's investigating the cell structure of a plant or mastering a difficult piece on the organ. More ...
Ernest Kwarteng
Achieving Special Goals
The two greatest moments of Ernest Kwarteng's life happened within a year of each other at Hamilton. More ...
Justin Tyler
Political Laughter
What do you get when you cross an interest in politics with a knack for comedy? Justin Tyler, of course. More ...
Krystyn Schmerbeck
Creating a Better World
On the day she arrived in Washington, DC, Krystyn Schmerbeck stopped outside the Lincoln Memorial where a group of war veterans was gathered under tents selling various items. She selected a bumper sticker, and as she handed the man her money, their eyes briefly met. More ...
Asking Important Questions
There are many things you can learn at Hamilton. One of those is not to expect to have all of your questions answered. More ...
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