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State Institutions, Private Incentives, Global Capital
The growth of global finance since 1960 constitutes one of the most important transformations in social relations during the twentieth century. Using historical, statistical, and graphical techniques, State Institutions, Private Incentives, and Global Capital examines three important aspects of this phenomenal shift in the international political economy. First, Andrew Sobel explores the reawakening of the international financial markets, mapping their extraordinary transformation since the early 1960s and discussing the role of politics in that metamorphosis. The author then offers a fresh understanding of the systematic differences in access for borrowers in this rapidly transforming and expanding global capital pool. He then demonstrates the influence of political factors in producing differential access to the global capital pool. Showing how the character and stability of a country's political system affects investors's decisions to invest in that country, Sobel breaks new ground in understanding the basis for the frequent admonitions by the World Bank and others that a stable political and legal system are essential for states to attract significant foreign investment. More ...
Assistant Dean to Present at National Conference

Marc C. David, Assistant Dean of Students for Multicultural Student Affairs, will be presenting at the upcoming National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) in Miami, Florida. The title of the presentation is “Greek Letter Alternatives: The Search for Brotherhood and Sisterhood in Emerging Multicultural Student Organizations.”   More ...

Interns in the Office of Communications and Development
Get to know the ten student interns working this summer in the Office of Communications and Development! More ...
Cafruny Quoted in Hartford Courant
Alan Cafruny, Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs, was interviewed recently by David Lightman of the <i>Hartford Courant</i> for an article on Bush's Iraq policy. According to the article, Bush has begun to seek "crucial international and domestic support for his Iraq rebuilding effort." "The hard bargaining will be over things like oil and Iraqi debt," said Cafruny. More ...
Adams Lectures on 'Rhetorical Design' for Alumni Weekend
As one of the Reunion Weekend events, John Adams, visiting professor of rhetoric and communication, gave the lecture "Rhetorical Designs: Stop the Rhetoric and Get to the Reality" in the Kirner-Johnson Red Pit.  Adams displayed his expertise on the subject, explaining how the different assumptions people have about rhetoric shapes understanding about the subject matter and about language itself. More ...
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Raybeck Quoted in Dallas Morning News
Professor of Anthropology Douglas Raybeck was quoted in the Dallas Morning News in an article about the controversy surrounding Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11. According to the article, the debate over the film "shows how U.S. culture focuses almost exclusively on black and white." "The tendency of the West. . .is to dichotomize. [T]hose in the middle are often characterized. . .as wimps and wussies," Raybeck said. More ...
Reunions 2004 – Gathering of Kirkland College Alumnae

Reunions 2004 was an occasion for alumnae of Kirkland College to reconnect with one another. A range of activities were held and included a Kirkland reception hosted by Professor Doug Raybeck at his home which was attended by President Joan Stewart; an Open Mic event entitled “Changes – A Kirkland Conversation”; an Alumni College, "Nation Building - Winning the Peace," featuring expert panelist Maria Zammit K'74; recognition for retiring Alumni Trustee Sue Morgan ’72 and renewed personal connections supported by class reunion planning chairs Maria Zammit and Tasha Panarites Coconis ’79. An e-article about the Open Mic event, authored by Kate Faison Spencer '79, follows:

We had a very energetic meeting about Kirkland, reconnecting with each other and with Hamilton, at the recent Reunion '04. Twelve women from the Class of '79 registered for the weekend, and there were ten who attended this discussion, joined by three Kirkland '74 graduates and a male '79 class member. There were two Hamilton contacts at the meeting, Erin Martinovich, who organized the reunion events for our class of '79 and Doug Raybeck, currently a Hamilton anthropology professor and fondly remembered as one of the outstanding Kirkland faculty members.

The intention of the meeting was to explore the impact of the Hamilton/Kirkland merger on each of us. As we spoke, it was immediately apparent that issues raised were largely due to poor communication between Hamilton College and Kirkland students since 1978.

By bringing our various perspectives to the meeting, with the assistance of written communication from Sam Babbitt, we were able to finally understand the chronological course of events in their wider historical context. Each direct communication was met by the group with the spirit of cooperation, as we heard about experiences of Kirkland student, faculty member and alumna from 1978 forward. Erin fielded questions about contemporary processes at Hamilton. Her presence was invaluable, and has already proved instrumental in the construction of possible responses at the college. Some simple but meaningful changes are anticipated in the Hamilton database, website and magazine as a result of being heard.

As Sam Babbitt describes the current situation in writing: "Many of us who were at Kirkland have had conflicted feelings about all that transpired in the difficult years when you were students on the Hill. The good news is that Hamilton College is, today, so welcoming to Kirkland people and so open in their acknowledgment of the part that Kirkland played in the evolution of Hamilton over these past decades. It was not always so, and to find it there now is a matter of great delight - and it augurs well for the health of the institution."

For those alumnae who are still looking for a glimmer of Kirkland in the Hamilton institution, some exciting new prospects now exist. Without prescription or expectation on my part, allow me to invite you to come back through the open door.

Kate Faison Spencer '79  More ...

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