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David Prior '01
David Prior '01

David Prior '01 Wins Two Essay Awards

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By Briana Wagner '13
Posted November 28, 2011
Tags 2001 Alumni

David Prior '01 has won two awards for his essay "Civilization, Republic, Nation: Contested Keywords, Northern Republicans, and the Forgotten Reconstruction of Mormon Utah," published in the Civil War History, Sept. 2010.

The Western Historical Association presented the essay with their Michael P. Malone Award, which is given biennially to the best article, essay or commentary on state, provincial, or territorial history in North America appearing in a periodical publication.  All nominations for the prize are made by the editors of the journals in which the articles appeared.

The essay also received the Utah State History's 2011 LeRoy S. Axland Best Utah History Article Award.  The organization commended his work as a "thoroughly documented and highly interpretive article…that carefully focuses on the mid-nineteenth century Utah experience in the context of regional and national history during the Era of Reconstruction."

Prior is currently teaching at the University of South Carolina, where he earned his doctorate in history in May 2010.  At Hamilton, he majored in economics and history.


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