Rodriguez-Plate Lectures at University of Vermont - Hamilton College
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Edna Rodriguez-Plate
Edna Rodriguez-Plate

Rodriguez-Plate Lectures at University of Vermont

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Posted October 28, 2009
Tags Hispanic Studies
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies Edna Rodríguez-Plate was a guest speaker at the 16th annual "Hispanic Forum" at the University of Vermont on October 23. She was invited to give a lecture on Cuban film and presented "The Cuban Revolution and the Creation of a National Film Industry." She also took part in a panel discussion on the Cuban/Caribbean Exile Experience. Each year the Latin American Studies Program at UVM hosts a three day Hispanic Forum dedicated to a theme on Hispanic Culture. This year the theme was "Art and Revolution: Cuba 50 Years After."

There were four Cuban films shown, and an art exhibition at the Fleming Museum in Burlington as part of the forum.


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