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Steve Cunden '18 with Baxter at TechBridgeWorld.
Hamilton's Mr. Roboto

Steve Cunden ’18 has an unusual lab partner this summer. Baxter is pretty quiet and lacking personality, but he is very intelligent. Cunden is an intern at TechBridgeWorld lab at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, and Baxter, his partner, is a robot.  TechBridgeWorld, founded by Mary Bernardine Dias ’98, is a lab dedicated to bringing robotics to underdeveloped/developing countries and disadvantaged communities.  More ...

Everett W. Young ’98 Director of Startup Leadership Program

Everett W. Young ’98 is currently a fellow and a regional director of the Startup Leadership Program. He is also the co-director of the San Francisco Chapter of the Hamilton Venture Network, an organization that has a resource of networks and events, which allow Hamilton College entrepreneurs to connect.  More ...

Emma Simmons '11
Emma Simmons '11 Joins Citizen Schools

Disadvantaged children in struggling schools are often not given a chance to succeed, and public school systems are sometimes unable to find the resources to encourage or inspire some of their students. Emma Simmons ’11 is working as a teaching fellow for Citizen Schools, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering students from struggling schools across the country.  More ...

Ashley Merriman '98
Ashley Merriman ’98 Sharpens Knives for Bravo’s Top Chef: Las Vegas
Bravo TV recently announced the names of seventeen gourmets who will vie for the title of “Top Chef” on Top Chef: Las Vegas, the sixth and yet most sinful season of the cable network’s popular culinary reality show. Among the contestants is Ashley Merriman ’98, who brings years of restaurant experience in New York City and Seattle, Wash., to the chopping block. More ...
Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort
Jenn Holderied-Webb '98 to Advise Hospitality Industry on Sustainability Best Practices

Jenn Holderied-Webb '98 has been appointed to the board of advisors of EcoRooms & EcoSuites, an online directory of environmentally responsible hotels, motels, inns and B&Bs. An article in Hotel & Motel Management (10/05/07) noted Holderied-Webb's appointment, referenced her "outstanding qualifications" and praised her role in managing the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, located in Lake Placid, N.Y.  More ...