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Sarah Knapp Damaske ’99 Featured in Article

Sarah Knapp Damaske ’99, a sociologist specializing in gender, work-family, class and race, was recently featured in an article on The Society Pages (TSP), where she responded to a column by George Will.  More ...

Susan Greenspan ’99 Blogs For Site Run by Jesse ’06 and Cameron Gaylord ’09

Susan Greenspan ’99 recently wrote a blog post for the site Windsor Running on being a runner during and after pregnancy. This site is co-founded by Jesse Gaylord ’06 and Cameron Gaylord ’09 is created for runners. When joining the team at Windsor Running, runners work with running and strength coaches, who help build individualized training plans to help them reach their goals.  More ...

Chris Holm '99 Releases New Thriller

Chris Holm ’99 has been thrilling readers across the country recently with his new book, The Killing Kind. The adrenaline-fueled story excites and also brings up some interesting questions of morality.  More ...

Sarah Damaske '99
Sarah Damaske Recognized for Work on Class and Gender

Sarah Damaske '99, received public recognition for her book, For the Family? How Class and Gender Shape Women's Work, in articles in the New York Times and other media outlets. Recently, Sarah continued her research on work and family by exploring the differences in stress levels at home and at work.  More ...

Reflection by Bruce Muirhead
Hamilton Artists’ Work Included in SAGA Catalog

Five Hamilton artists are represented in a new catalog of works from the Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA) 2012 member show. The artists included are Professors of Art Bruce Muirhead and William Salzillo, as well as Amy Buchholz ’81, Jake Muirhead ’86 and Michael Hew Wing ’99, who also designed the catalog.  More ...

Nathaniel Hurd '99
Nathaniel Hurd '99 to Bring Photovoice to Iraq

Nathaniel Hurd '99, president of the board of directors of Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC), is working with a leading education expert to bring Photovoice to 20 Iraqi young adults (ages 10-25). Photovoice combines photography and social action, asking participants to share their experiences through a photographic narrative and start a discussion.  Photovoice has positively impacted communities including inner-city Cleveland, Haiti, and Sierra Leone.  More ...

Chris F. Holm '99 Nominated for Anthony Award

Chris F. Holm ’99 has had a whirlwind year.  First, his novella The Hitter was nominated as Best Short Story for an Anthony Award, one of the most prestigious awards given for works in the mystery genre.  The volume was also selected to appear in The Best American Mystery Stories 2011.  The author also moderated and appeared on various panels at Bouchercon, the premier world mystery convention.  Holm’s first novel, Dead Harvest, will debut next February.  The book is the first in a series of supernatural thrillers which will frame the battle between heaven and hell as Golden Era crime pulps.  The second novel in the series, The Wrong Goodbye, is expected to debut next November.  More ...

Nell Dodge '99 Launches Design E-shop

Nell Dodge '99 recently opened 603 Here & There, a new e-shop of hand-picked design items for the holidays. The shop offers an edited range of "contemporary and fun" products from handcrafted soap to gold lustered ceramic objects.  All the products are collaborations with smaller artists and artisans and of European and American origin, with designers from New Hampshire (Area Code 603), NYC, San Francisco, Vermont and France.  More ...

From left, NASA chief scientist Waleed Abdalati, NASA administrator Charles Bolden, Ian Howat '99, and Obama's science advisor John Holdren.
Ian Howat '99 Receives Presidential Early Career Award

Ian Howat ’99 was among four scientists named by President Obama to receive the 2010 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). He received the award in a ceremony on Oct. 14 in Washington.  More ...

Sarah Damaske '99 Publishes Book

On Oct. 3, Oxford University Press released a book by Sarah Damaske '99 titled For the Family? How Class and Gender Shape Women's Work.  The book challenges the belief that middle-class women decide to work and working class women have to work and demonstrates that middle-class women are actually more likely to work than working class women are.  The book summary states:  More ...

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