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Washington Program students with Tim Nussbaum '07 (left).
DC Students Briefed on the Ground Game of Campaigns

On February 22, students in the Semester in Washington Program met with Timothy Nussbaum ’07, Northern Virginia operations coordinator for the George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign. Previously, Nussbaum had served as senior research assistant for the Fred Thompson for President campaign in 2008 and as executive assistant to the president of George Allen Strategies LLC.  More ...

Ben Johnston '07
Benjamin R. Johnston '07 Wins Greenovation Contest

Benjamin R. Johnston '07 has won the Texas Greenovation Contest, a competition that seeks to inspire entrepreneurs, students, and business owners to design green business ideas.  Entrants were asked to present ideas that minimize waste and maximize sustainability, and pay for themselves within five years.  The first place award comes with a number of funds and services to commercialize his proposal.  More ...

Steiner '07 and Daniels '07 at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Daniels '07 and Steiner '07 climb Kilimanjaro

Rezaan Daniels '07 and Erik Steiner '07 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this April.  Located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa with a height of 19,341 feet above sea level.  More ...

Students in Hamilton's Program in Washington, D.C. with U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna, left.
Beyond Books, DC Program Students Enjoy Many Opportunities

Students in the Semester in Washington Program met with U.S. Representative Richard Hanna of New York’s 24th District on Oct. 12. Rep. Hanna fielded a variety of questions from the group about his experiences as a new member of the House of Representatives and about the issues confronting the 112th Congress.  More ...

Ross Ufberg '07
Ross Ufberg '07 Writes Serialized Novel

Ross Ufberg '07 is writing a novel titled The Lions of Zion, which is currently being serialized on the website of the Jewish newspaper The Forward.  More ...

Jason Haas '07
Jason Haas '07 Starts at Mozilla

On Aug. 12 Jason Haas '07 will begin as a community manager at Mozilla, the nonprofit organization that runs the Firefox project, as well as other products and initiatives. His new role will take him to San Francisco, where he will be responsible for coordinating volunteer programs and events around the world. "The success of my new role will draw from my experience as an organizer and marketing consultant, engaging and empowering those who seek to create positive change," said Haas.  More ...

Team members included (left to right): Michael Everhart '02, David Waldman '07, Dave Steadman '03, Sarah Henochowicz '08, Anne Henochowicz, Marjorie DePuy '90 (team leader), Heather Garlich, Anthony Istrico, Mike Weitzner '78 and Sarah Wissel '08.
Alumni Participate in Day of Service

Team "Al Hamithon" spent a rainy April Saturday morning painting healthy vegetable characters on the walls of the Nurse's Station at the Bruce Monroe Elementary School in Northwest Washington, D.C. during Greater Washington Cares Servathon 2011.  More ...

Amber Waves Farm on the Food Network

On Jan. 15, the Food Network aired an episode of the Barefoot Contessa featuring Amber Waves Farm, a not-for-profit organic and educational farm in Amagansett, New York co-founded by Amanda Merrow '07. The show "Going Local!" included Amber Waves farmers and their free-range chickens, whose eggs host Ina Garten used in cooking a meal entirely of local ingredients.  More ...

Chase Garbarino '07
McCarthy '07, Garbarino '07, and Pinyadda

Kevin McCarthy '07 and Chase Garbarino '07, after graduation from Hamilton, started Streetwise Media, a new media startup out of Boston. Their first product was Pinyadda, an online news aggregation and curation platform. In 2009, Pinyadda was selected as one of seven recipients of a DEMOgod Award at the DEMO conference in California.  More ...

Eugene Domack
Geological Society of America Bulletin Publishes Domack Research

Eugene Domack, the J. W. Johnson Family Professor of Environmental Studies, is the lead author of a study published on Jan. 26 in the GSA Bulletin that documents the nature of unusual limestone (carbonate) sedimentary rocks that record an ancient glaciation during the snowball Earth event.  More ...

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