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Female panther caught on camera trap
Caitlin Jacobs '07 Tracks Florida Panthers

The New York Times Green blog has featured an article about a panther project that Caitlin Jacobs '07, a graduate student at the University of Florida, is helping to research. Ranchers in south Florida have begun reporting that panthers are now preying on their calves. In Spring 2011 several calves were documented and confirmed to be killed by panthers.

In late 2011, researchers including Jacobs began tagging calves in an effort to collect evidence to substantiate the claims; the Florida panther had been all but extinct in the 1970s.  More ...

Levitt Leaders - Washington, D.C.
Levitt Leaders Go to Washington

Participants in the first Levitt Leadership Institute cohort headed to Washington, D.C. for the  second phase of the program during spring break. Led by Prudence Bushnell, former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya and Guatemala, the group continued their focus on the study of leadership, a program that was enhanced by daily meetings with Washington leaders. Funding for the entire program was provided by Arthur Levitt Jr.  More ...

Pre-Law Society Meets with Alumni Attorneys in New York

A  group of 15 Hamilton students recently met in New York City with Hamilton alumni who practice law.  These students were members of the newly formed Pre-law Society, a club based around an interest in law and jurisprudence, and possible career options after college.  Hamilton alumnus Michael Blasie ’07, an attorney in the litigation department of the New York office of Cooley LLP, facilitated the visit.  More ...

Hamilton Program in Washington students at the White House arrival ceremony for British Prime Minister David Cameron on March 14.
DC Students Attend State Arrival Ceremony of UK Prime Minister David Cameron

On Wednesday, March 14, Hamilton students participating in the Program in Washington attended the official welcoming ceremony for David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, on the south lawn of the White House. Sara Feuerstein ’07, a member of the White House staff, arranged for the students to attend this important and traditional event.  More ...

Washington Program students with Tim Nussbaum '07 (left).
DC Students Briefed on the Ground Game of Campaigns

On February 22, students in the Semester in Washington Program met with Timothy Nussbaum ’07, Northern Virginia operations coordinator for the George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign. Previously, Nussbaum had served as senior research assistant for the Fred Thompson for President campaign in 2008 and as executive assistant to the president of George Allen Strategies LLC.  More ...

Ben Johnston '07
Benjamin R. Johnston '07 Wins Greenovation Contest

Benjamin R. Johnston '07 has won the Texas Greenovation Contest, a competition that seeks to inspire entrepreneurs, students, and business owners to design green business ideas.  Entrants were asked to present ideas that minimize waste and maximize sustainability, and pay for themselves within five years.  The first place award comes with a number of funds and services to commercialize his proposal.  More ...

Steiner '07 and Daniels '07 at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Daniels '07 and Steiner '07 climb Kilimanjaro

Rezaan Daniels '07 and Erik Steiner '07 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this April.  Located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa with a height of 19,341 feet above sea level.  More ...

Students in Hamilton's Program in Washington, D.C. with U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna, left.
Beyond Books, DC Program Students Enjoy Many Opportunities

Students in the Semester in Washington Program met with U.S. Representative Richard Hanna of New York’s 24th District on Oct. 12. Rep. Hanna fielded a variety of questions from the group about his experiences as a new member of the House of Representatives and about the issues confronting the 112th Congress.  More ...

Ross Ufberg '07
Ross Ufberg '07 Writes Serialized Novel

Ross Ufberg '07 is writing a novel titled The Lions of Zion, which is currently being serialized on the website of the Jewish newspaper The Forward.  More ...

Jason Haas '07
Jason Haas '07 Starts at Mozilla

On Aug. 12 Jason Haas '07 will begin as a community manager at Mozilla, the nonprofit organization that runs the Firefox project, as well as other products and initiatives. His new role will take him to San Francisco, where he will be responsible for coordinating volunteer programs and events around the world. "The success of my new role will draw from my experience as an organizer and marketing consultant, engaging and empowering those who seek to create positive change," said Haas.  More ...

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