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Jasmina Hodzic '13
Hodzic ’13 Studies State-Building in Bosnia

Fifteen years after the end of a brutal war, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still struggling to reach autonomous statehood. For Bosnian natives, the process can inspire a range of feelings and attitudes. Jasmina Hodzic ’13, a 2011 Levitt Summer Grant Recipient, will explore Bosnia and Herzegovina’s progress toward democracy and possible routes for getting there. She is being guided in her research by Alan Cafruny, the  Henry Bristol Professor of International Affairs.  More ...

Hillary Pitoniak, Sarah Gamble '13, Christine Roback '12 and Andrew Pape '11.
Gamble '13 and Pape '11 Ensure Farm Garden Future with Almanac

One of the summer’s most labor-intensive student projects on the Hill is the maintenance of the Hamilton College Community Farm (HCCF) garden. Student workers are constantly brainstorming about ways to streamline the farming process, which begins in February with germination within the greenhouse and doesn’t end until the final crops are harvested in the fall. The most recent advance for the community farm was made by former farm manager Sarah Gamble ’13 and co-founder Andrew Pape ’11, who developed a comprehensive farm almanac through which they hope to pass on their knowledge and experience to future farmers.  More ...

J.D. Ross
Ross and Slayen '13 Featured in National Media

Galia Slayen ’13, who with Perry Ryan ’12 provided the impetus for Hamilton’s participation in the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW), was featured on NBC’s Today Show on Monday, April 18, in live interviews at both the 8 and 10 a.m. hours. Director of New Media  J.D. Ross was interviewed for an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled "Colleges Rehab Their Web Sites for Major Payoffs" that appeared online and  in the publication’s April 18 issue.  More ...

Galia Slayen '13
Slayen '13 Featured on The Today Show

Galia Slayen ’13, who with and Perry Ryan ’12 provided the impetus for Hamilton’s participation in the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW), will be featured on NBC’s Today Show on Thursday, April 14, in a segment that will air in Utica on WKTV in the 11 a.m. hour. An essay by Slayen was also featured on Huffington Post titled “The Scary Reality of a Real-Life Barbie Doll” on April 8.  More ...

A scene from Stephen Wright's '13 Chobani commercial.
Stephen Wright '13 Stars in Chobani Yogurt Commercial

An 80-mile bike ride and a Facebook posting with a photo was all it took to propel Stephen Wright ’13 to Chobani yogurt fame. Wright stars in a “Real Chobani Love Story” commercial that is currently airing on TV.  More ...

Galia Slayen '13
Slayen '13 Featured on Chronicle of Higher Ed Website

Sophomore Galia Slayen was featured on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Say Something website, described by the publication as a collection of “stories from college students about what they’re up to and why.” In the March 7 story and linked audio recording, Slayen described the recent National Eating Disorder Awareness Week activities on campus and her motivation for engaging in the project. A committee of students, headed by Slayen and Perry Ryan ’12 provided the impetus for Hamilton’s participation in the national awareness week.  More ...

Edward S. Walker '62 and Max Currier '10
2010 Edition of Insights Published

The spring 2010 edition of Insights, the journal that features the best of undergraduate social science research papers at Hamilton, has been published by the Levitt Center. Edited and refereed by students and Associate Professor of Government P. Gary Wyckoff, Insights features articles by J. Max Currier '10, Lauren Howe '13, Richard Maass '12 and Julie Melowsky '11.  More ...

Lukas Bridenbeck '13
Lukas Bridenbeck ’13 is Named Hamilton's 28th GOLD Scholar
Thanks to the generous support of young alumni, Hamilton is pleased to name Lukas Bridenbeck '13 of East Greenbusg, N.Y. as its 28th GOLD Scholar. Lukas recently sat down to reflect on his Hamilton experience so far. "My first impression of the College when I came to visit was how beautiful the campus was. It was a beautiful day so the old stone buildings surrounded by gorgeous green lawns and trees seemed perfect. It was exactly what I pictured a college campus to look like." More ...
2nd Annual Hamilton Serves! is a Success
Members of Hamilton's class of 2013 will have a quick orientation to the area that will be their home for the next four years when they embark on the second Hamilton Serves! volunteer orientation effort on Aug. 26. All 466 first-year students will spend four hours volunteering at 46 non-profit agencies in the area. More ...
Class of 2013 Participates in Matriculation Tradition

Today members of the class of 2013 gathered at the historic Kirkland Cottage to sign the College Register symbolizing their matriculation at Hamilton.  This tradition, established in 1975, represents the beginning of their college career and their membership in the Hamilton community.  More ...

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