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Behind the Scenes Wins 24-Hour-Film Fest

On April 12 at midnight the Hamilton College Film Production Guild ran its spring semester 24-Hour Film Festival. Taylor Coe ’13, the president of the Guild, along with Kayla Safran ’13 and Evan Van Tassell ’13 organized the event. Nine teams initially signed up, and four films were completed and submitted by the deadline.  More ...

A scene from the winning film <em>Beastwood Goes South</em>.
Student Filmmakers Demonstrate Ability to Beat the Clock

On Friday Dec. 2 at 11:30 p.m., student filmmakers gathered for the commencement of the annual 24-Hour Film Festival. In the past, the event has taken place in the spring, but this year, Film Production Guild President Taylor Coe ’13 wanted to see the Festival through before going abroad to Edinburgh for the spring 2012 semester.  More ...

From left,Tom Williams '11, Matt Seaman '12, Dana Quigley '11 and Ben Salzman '13, review a scene they just filmed for their movie.
Budding Filmmakers Debut Their Work at 24-Hour Festival

The detective lets out a primal yell as he bursts into the small, dark room and pumps two crack dealers full of lead. Dana Quigley ’11 yells “cut!” and the two dealers spring back to life. As four or five other young men filter into the room, Quigley goes over to his cameraman Benjamin Salzman ’13 to check the shot. Quigley and his friends are shooting Dozer and Sasquatch, a five-minute long film that will be screened in 12 hours at the 7th annual 24-Hour Film Festival.

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A scene from the 24-hour Film Festival winner "An Uncommon Love."
Budding Filmmakers Focus on 24-Hour Festival
A Hamilton student trudges through the dark recesses of the night, video camera and tripod in hand. He and his friends are in the early stages of the sixth annual 24-Hour Film Festival, hosted by Hamilton’s Film Production Guild. They race across campus, routinely checking the time so as not to fall behind schedule. Each team of actors, producers, and directors has from midnight on Friday until midnight on Saturday to make a quality, entertaining five-minute film – which means they have little time to spare. More ...