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How Mark Zuckerberg Got Me My First Job by Alyssa White '11

I worked hard to earn my first job, but I wouldn’t have actually gotten it without Mark Zuckerberg.  That may sound counter-intuitive, since all we usually hear about Facebook and job hunting is that they don’t mix. Allow me, then, to explain.  More ...

How I Got My First Job: Savannah Knell '10

Like many other seniors at Hamilton, I wasn’t completely confident in pursuing just one career path for my post-college life. I was interested in exploring options, learning more about prospective fields, and gathering as much information as I possibly could.  However, as many seniors can also relate, the job market was limited at the time of my graduation and when offered a job at a high powered law firm in New York City I couldn’t refuse.  More ...

Zeeshan Haider '09 perseveres in landing first job despite current employment climate
How I Got My First Job: Zeeshan Haider '09

Join Zeeshan Haider '09 for a presentation on September 2, 2011.  He will share his current experience working for a credit agency. The presentation will start at 4:15pm in Kirner Johnson 101. Students are encouraged to sign up on HamNET . In the meantime, read on about how Zee got his first job.  More ...

Stu Lombardi '09 Offers Advice on Applying to Law School

Stuart (SStuart Lombardi '09tu) Lombardi ’09 offers the following advice to his fellow Hamiltonians after enduring the arduous process of applying to and being accepted at a number of top-tier law schools.  Stu is currently in his third year at Columbia University Law School.  More ...

How I got my post-graduate internship with Alicia Wright '10

I had a plan at graduation – not a sustainable career trajectory, but a plan. I stressed over this plan until late April and worried about my fate even after I got my wooden cane, green apple pin, and Hamilton degree. While all my peers seemed to have offers for great entry-level jobs or acceptance letters from graduate programs in every possible field, I still did not know what I wanted to do after college.  More ...

Kate Hails '10
How I Got My First Job: Kate Hails '10

I decided to major in psychology at Hamilton because I was fascinated by the academic material.  When I declared my major as a sophomore, I didn't have any specific idea of how I might translate my academic training in psychology into a future career.  In fact, I had originally rejected the idea of pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology because I didn't think I was very interested in research and I thought the programs would be too competitive for me.  More ...

Alex Ossola '10 with a City Year student
Considering City Year? Alex Ossola '10 shares her experience working for City Year.

My years at Hamilton were undoubtedly some of the most formative of my life; I got the chance to discover and explore my own passions. I knew I wanted to continue this path after graduation, and a few months later, I began my year of service   working with a non-profit called City Year in Washington, D.C., only a few miles from where I grew up.  More ...

Randy Telfer '12 at the Jinshanling site of the Great Wall of China in Beijing
How I Got My Internship: Randy Telfer '12

The Career Center at Hamilton College is a tremendous resource of which first years and seniors alike should take advantage. I made my first visit to the Career Center as a second-semester sophomore who found the process of researching and applying for summer internships daunting.  More ...

George Baker '74
George Baker '74 Discusses Careers in Washington with Students

George Baker ’74 returned to Hamilton on March 3 and spoke with students about starting their career search in Washington. The discussion, titled “So You Want to Work in Washington, D.C.: A User’s Guide to Finding a Job in the Nation's Capital,” introduced students to the nature of the Washington job market and provided a framework for beginning the search. Baker is a partner at Williams & Jensen PLLC in D.C., a litigation lobbying firm where he started working in 1980.  More ...

How I Got My First Job: Alex Ossola '10

Hamilton was a wonderful outlet for me during my four years; I tried all sorts of new things, grew personally as well as intellectually, and somewhere along the line stumbled across what I hope to be my future career path. But at the beginning of my senior year, I decided that I wanted to spend several years right out of college helping others before helping myself.  More ...

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