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Balling the Jack
Alumnus Frank Baldwin ’85 has traveled a long and enduring road on his journey to become a novel-writer. A government major at Hamilton, he began his career as a paralegal at a Wall Street firm - he lasted six-months. Baldwin lost his life savings twice on the blackjack tables of Atlantic City, worked as a bartender, pizza delivery boy, construction worker and copy boy before succeeding as a Novelist with his 1996 fiction novel Balling the Jack. More ...
Against Gravity
More ...
Domestic Choices, International Markets
The internationalization of financial markets moved to center stage in the international political economy during the 1980s. These markets affect trade, investment, venture enterprises, growth, and competitiveness. Domestic Choices, International Markets uses the internationalization and liberalization of securities markets to examine interdependence, leadership, and the mechanisms of change in an increasingly global political economy. More ...
The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn: A Memoir
As evocative as the aspen foliage that enlivens the high country in October, The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn, originally published in 1982, is the centerpiece of a trilogy that John Nichols wrote about his first fifteen years in Taos, New Mexico. The other volumes are If Mountains Die and On the Mesa. More ...
On the Mesa
For the first time in paperback with a new foreword by the author, On the Mesa is an autobiographical celebration of life in a fragile and marginal place. On the deserted sagebrush plain just west of his home in Taos, New Mexico, John Nichols finds a healing serenity and an astonishing variety of life and mood that casual observers rarely notice. With On the Mesa, Nichols takes his place with the great nature writers of the West. More ...
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