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Tribute to the Late Alan McCullough Jr. '64
  Alan (Mac) McCullough, Jr. '64 was an inspiring person who lived his life as a passionate quest for truth and knowledge.  An avid reader on many subjects, he had an encyclopedic memory.  He could call upon his vast storehouse of information to build a socio-cultural or political theory for discussion.  His theories were almost unfailingly controversial or unorthodox, though the freshness of viewpoint they embodied was always stimulating.  Possessing unquenchable intellectual and emotional energy, he would not allow any aspect of an issue to go unconsidered or unaccounted for.  He had no regard for political correctness and hence often shocked people with the questions he posed.  Yet the sincerity and good will behind his questions offset any negative impressions that might otherwise have been created.  In short, he embodied all the qualities in a liberally educated man that we hold dear: insatiable thirst for learning, a driving curiosity, a sincere and gracious open-mindedness, a humility about the quest for truth and infectious sense of humor that kept it all in balance.  The goal of the Alan McCullough, Jr. Distinguished Visiting Chair in Political Philosophy will be to provide as stimulating an intellectual experience as Mac McCullough did himself. More ...
New Fund at Hamilton Will Provide Stipends for Student Internships
A summer internship with the United Nations World Health Organization Liaison Office in Washington, D.C., was exactly what Hamilton College senior Wangechi Thuo was seeking. But the internship was unpaid, and Thuo, a world politics major from Nairobi, Kenya, thought she would have to choose between making money during the summer to offset her college expenses or pursuing a “dream” internship.
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Ivan King '47 showed pictures taken with the Hubble telescope.
Ivan King '47 Took Audience on Tour of Universe With Hubble Telescope Pictures
Ivan King ’47, a research professor of astronomy at the University of Washington, gave a lecture titled “Through the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope” on October 1 as part of the Science Center dedication weekend. Dr. King took his audience on a “Tour of the Universe” with pictures taken by the Hubble telescope.
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John Werner '92 Mentioned on Education Week Web Site
John Werner '92 was included in <i>Education Week</i>'s "People in the News" column on its Web site edweek.org. Werner was recently named executive director of Citizen Schools Boston. According to edweek.org, "Located in 13 cities, Citizen Schools operate after-school apprenticeship programs at public middle schools. Mr. Werner, 35, has worked with the organization since its inception in 1995. His previous job with the group was as the executive director of Citizen Schools’ 8th Grade Academy and alumni services."

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Inaugural Couper Phi Beta Kappa Lecture Features SU Librarian Emeritus David Stam

The Inaugural Couper Phi Beta Kappa Library Lecture was held on Friday, September 9. This annual lecture will honor Hamilton alumnus and trustee Richard “Dick” Couper ’44 for his commitment and contributions to Hamilton College and the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the oldest academic honorary society in America. David Stam, the former Andrew W. Mellon Director of the Research Libraries at the New York Public Library and Syracuse University librarian emeritus was the speaker for this event. His topic was “An Army without Ammunition: Books and the College Library,” about the trials and tribulations of Hamilton and its library in the 19th century.
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Inaugural Couper Phi Beta Kappa Lecture Will Feature David Stam

David Stam, the former Andrew W. Mellon Director of the Research Libraries at the New York Public Library, will be the speaker for the inaugural Couper Phi Beta Kappa Lecture on Friday, Sept. 9, at 4 p.m. in the Hamilton Chapel. His talk is titled "An Army without Ammunition: Books and the College Library." The Couper Phi Beta Kappa Lecture honors Hamilton alumnus Richard “Dick” Couper ’44 in recognition of Couper’s commitment and contributions to the College and The Phi Beta Kappa Society. Each fall a distinguished speaker will be invited to present topics related to the College’s special library collections or to present an issue related to libraries generally. The lecture is free and open to the public.  More ...

Katrina Aftermath - Alumni Communication
The devastation created by Hurricane Katrina has disrupted many aspects of peoples' lives, especially communication about the status of friends and classmates. Hamilton's alumni office is gathering information concerning the welfare of alumni from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama who may have been affected by Katrina. Alumni are encouraged to use the HOLAC message board as a tool to help reconnect with fellow alumni during the post-disaster recovery period. Contact Jon Hysell with questions or if you want to have the Alumni Office help you in making a connection at 866-729-0314 or e-mail at jahysell@hamilton.edu. More ...
John Werner '92 Named Executive Director of Citizen Schools Boston
John Werner ’92 (Dorchester, Mass.) has been named executive director of Citizen Schools Boston. Citizen Schools is a national network of after-school “apprenticeship education” programs for students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Werner will lead nine Citizen Schools’ program sites, and his primary responsibilities will be to promote a culture of school achievement and to raise the visibility and impact of Citizen Schools’ hands-on learning classes. He will oversee 75 full- and part-time staff serving 800 youth in the city. “I want to make Boston the best city to grow up in,” said Werner, “I think Citizen Schools and our business and community partners can play a significant role in making that happen.” More ...
Heather Schrum '05 Continues Research With Domack
Heather Schrum '05, a geosciences major, certainly used her time at Hamilton to get plenty of hands-on experience in her field. She participated in field work on two Antarctic cruises, in 2004 and 2005, and in the summer of 2004 spent two months doing geochemistry research on campus with Professor of Geosciences Eugene Domack. More ...
Jonathan Overpeck '79 Publishes Findings on Arctic Ice Melt
Hamilton alumnus Jonathan Overpeck ’79, geosciences professor at the University of Arizona and chairman of the National Science Foundation’s Arctic System Science Committee, has published findings confirming that the rate of ice melting in the Arctic is increasing at an unprecedented rate due to the effects of global warming. The report was issued by the Arctic System Science Committee and published on August 23 in Eos, the weekly newspaper of the American Geophysical Union. Overpeck’s findings were released just a few weeks after the journal Nature released Hamilton geoscience professor Eugene Domack’s study conclusively confirming that the recent collapse of a major Antarctic ice shelf was due to the effects of global warming.

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