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Josh Simpson '72 with his Megaplanet.
Corning Museum of Glass Unveils Josh Simpson '72 Megaplanet
The Corning Museum of Glass recently unveiled Josh Simpson’s Megaplanet, the 1000th paperweight in the museum's collection of paperweights. Simpson’s Planet is the focal point of the Museum’s new exhibit, Worlds Within: The Evolution of the Paperweight. The paperweight is 13 inches in diameter, weighs more than 100 pounds, and contains more than 50 different colors of glass. The planet is a clear orb with swirling oceans, continents, spaceships in orbit, and many objects that can be left up to the imagination.

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Jim Erickson '79, Rocky Mountain News Reporter, Wins 2006 Science in Society Award
Jim Erickson ‘79, science reporter for the Rocky Mountain News won a
2006 Science in Society Award (Newspaper category) presented by the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) at that organization's annual meeting in Baltimore on Oct. 29. His award-winning story, "A Change in the Air," published December 13, 2005, described the impact of climate change on the Colorado Rockies. The NASW's Science in Society Awards are considered to be among the highest honors in science journalism, primarily because the winners are chosen by a panel of their peers and the awards are not sponsored by any special interest group. Winners receive $1000 and a certificate. More ...
Tom Vilsack '72 Announces Candidacy for President in 2008

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, a 1972 graduate of Hamilton College, announced on November 9 his intention to seek the Democratic party nomination for president in 2008. Vilsack is the first Democrat to formally announce his candidacy.  More ...

Josh Simpson '72 Featured in Associated Press Article About His Infinity Project
Josh Simpson ’72 was recently featured in an Associated Press article about his personal never-ending mission called the “Infinity Project.” Simpson, who blows glass in his own studio in western Massachusetts, places planet-like glass orbs with the infinity symbol, a sideways number eight, all over the world.

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Bill Purcell '76
Bill Purcell '76 Selected as one of America's "Public Officials of the Year"

Bill Purcell ’76, mayor of Nashville, Tenn., will be honored as one of nine “public officials of the year” from across the country, a prestigious award for effective leadership, by Governing magazine. David Ewing, senior vice president for government relations and community improvement at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, nominated Purcell for the award based on the mayor’s work on education, public safety and economic development. Purcell, formerly a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, took office in 1999 and is credited with “…Nashville’s emergence as one of the top business locales in the country” in the November issue of Governing magazine.  More ...

Two Hamilton Alumni Among 'America's Best Leaders'
Two Hamilton alumni are included on a short list of individuals recognized as the nation’s foremost leaders. Now in its second year, U.S. News & World Report’s “America’s Best Leaders” edition (Oct. 30, 2006) recognizes the achievements of A.G. Lafley ’69, CEO, Procter & Gamble, and Robert Moses ’56, founder of The Algebra Project.

Conducted in collaboration with the Center for Public Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, honorees were selected by a committee of government, community and private sector leaders. Chosen were men and women who, among other things, inspired a shared vision, challenged established processes and achieved measurable results in their respective fields.

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Samuel Pellman
Video/Digital Work by Samuel Pellman and Lauren Koss '00 to be Presented at Cologne Festival
"Vaporis congeries magnae," a video/digital music collaboration by Professor of Music Samuel Pellman and Lauren Koss '00 has been selected for presentation by the Cologne Online Film Festival. The festival, which opens on October 13, features an international group of artists whose works explore the relationships between sound and video and how they each use the dimension of time. See link below for more information about the festival and the Pellman/Koss work. More ...
Brian Sweeney '06 Presents Paper at Classical Association of the Atlantic States Meeting
Brian Sweeney ’06 presented a paper at a meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS) on Euripides’ Medea and the movie "Kill Bill." Sweeney originally did the paper for Professor of Classics Barbara Gold’s Greek class last year. Gold and Carl Rubino, Edward North Professor of Classics and president of the CAAS, attended the meeting. Sweeney is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Chicago. More ...
Jordan Shedlock '06 Publishes Russian Poem in Journal
Jordan Shedlock '06 published a poem titled "Narkomu Pakhomovu," in the journal The Birch: A Journal of Eastern European and Eurasian Culture (Spring 2006, p. 26), a publication of Columbia University. The poem was dedicated to a cruise liner named after a People's Commissar of the 1920s. Shedlock's was one of the only works published in Russian.  The poem was inspired during his 04-05 year in Russia, when he studied on the Bard College/Smolny Academic Year Program in St. Petersburg. Shedlock finished his degree in Russian Studies (with honors) last spring. More ...
Study by Edward Deci '64 Cited in USA Today Editorial About Good Deeds
The results of a study by Edward Deci ’64, a psychologist at the University of Rochester, were summarized in a September 5 USA Today editorial titled “A damaging lesson for college-bound kids: Good deeds require a payoff.” The editorial is about teenagers working on community service projects for the sole purpose of adding it to their college applications. Deci’s study “investigated ‘What happens when you pay people for an activity they enjoy?’   More ...
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