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Nathan Goodale
Goodale Publishes in American Antiquity
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Nathan Goodale with co-author Ian Kuijt (University of Notre Dame) recently published an article titled “Daily Practice and the Organization of Space at the Dawn of Agriculture: A Case Study from the Near East”  in American Antiquity. More ...
Haeng-ja Chung
Chung Awarded SSRC-JSPS Fellowship for Another Year
The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS) acknowledged Assistant Professor of Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung's academic accomplishments of 2008-2009 and awarded her the full-period extension of the SSRC-JSPS Fellowship. As a result, her fellowship period is extended to 2008-2010, the maximum period the organizations could offer. More ...
Matthew Eichenfield '09 Presents at San Diego Conference
Matthew Eichenfield '09 presented at the "Barcamp San Diego," a technology conference held at Intuit's San Diego Campus on May 30-31. His presentation was titled "Analyzing Artifacts: What Computers Can Tell Us About Archaeology" and was the culmination of his year-long independent study project with Nathan Goodale, assistant professor of anthropology. More ...
Douglas Raybeck
Raybeck Article Appears in Ethos
An invited commentary titled "Introduction: Diversity Not Uniformity," written by Professor of Anthropology Douglas Raybeck was published in the June 2009 issue of Ethos, the Journal of the Society of Psychological Anthropology. Raybeck also presented "The Nature of Human Intelligence ... and that of 'Others'?" at the 25th Annual CONTACT Conference at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif. More ...
Haeng-ja Chung
Chung Gives Invited Talk at Wako University
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung was invited to give a talk at the Department of Transcultural Studies, Wako University, in Tokyo, on May 25. Her talk was titled "What Are Japanese? Who Are You?" She problematized the notion of "Japanese" nationals (kokumin) by juxtaposing the case study of the Japanese-born "foreigners" in Japan. More ...
Charlotte Beck and Tom Jones
Beck and Jones Present at 74th Society for American Archaeology Meeting
Professors of Anthropology Charlotte Beck and Tom Jones presented a paper titled "A Case of Extinction in Paleoindian Lithic Technology" at the 74th Society for American Archaeology Meeting in Atlanta on April 23. The paper is a continuation of Beck and Jones's research on the earliest colonists of North America and discusses the ultimate disappearance of a particular technology used initially by these early colonists. More ...
Haeng-ja Chung
Chung Presents Paper at RCAPS Conference
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung was invited to give a paper, "Mapping the Invisible: Ethnic Passing and Feminized Male Labor in the Nightclubs in Japan," at the 2008 RCAPS Conference: The Asia Pacific in the Emerging World System at the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in December 2008. More ...
Haeng-ja Chung
Chung Gives Paper at University of Tokyo
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung was invited to give a paper at the Contemporary Anthropology Workshop at the University of Tokyo in November. She presented the paper "Deconstructing the Notions of 'Korean' 'Nightclub' 'Hostesses' in Japan and Proposing 'Labor Participant Observation'" in Japanese. More ...
Douglas Raybeck
Raybeck Discusses Tradition of Dropping Object at Midnight to Mark New Year
Professor of Anthropology Emeritus Douglas Raybeck was interviewed for a Washington Post article (12/31/08) about the tradition of dropping an object at midnight to mark the entry of a new year. Raybeck contends that it all comes down to a human need to mark moments of change. "It's a shared experience. Everyone can see the inception and the terminus of the ball drop," he said. More ...
Vasantkumar Presents Paper at Stanford
Chris Vasantkumar, Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies and Anthropology, delivered a paper titled "Merely (About) Minzu?: Marginal Han, Whiteness Studies and the Symptoms of Social Difference in Contemporary Northwest China" at the first Critical Han Studies Conference at Stanford University April 25-27. More ...
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