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Bon Appétit Recognized on List of Best Colleges for Food in U.S.

Hamilton food service provider Bon Appétit Management Co. was named to the Daily Meal’s 60 Best Colleges for Food in America list for 2013. Hamilton College ranks 49th on the list.  More ...

Derek Roy, Bon Appetit's new chef, picks Swiss chard from the Hamilton community garden for today's Eat Local Challenge.
Eat Local Challenge: A Locavore's Dream

Bon Appétit Management Company, Hamilton’s food service provider, will host the 9th annual Eat Local Challenge on Tuesday, Sept. 24, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., in McEwen Courtyard.The chefs at Hamilton will join more than 400 other Bon Appétit restaurants and cafés in preparing a special meal made entirely with ingredients sourced from within 150 miles of their kitchens.  More ...

Mark Winne
We Need to Be "Food Citizens," Not Just Consumers, Winne Urges

Mark Winne P'00, food policy specialist and author, delivered a lecture to the Hamilton community on Oct. 17. Winne drew on themes from his books Food Rebels and Guerilla Gardeners, and Smart Cookin’ Mamas, exploring the challenges people face both nationally and globally in our ability to control the food we eat and to participate fully in the crafting of food policy.  More ...

Lauren Howe '12
Have You Eaten Real Food Today?

Lauren Howe ’12 spent the fall semester conducting an independent study project in which she researched and recorded campus food purchasing at Hamilton.  She collaborated with Bon Appétit and Real Food Challenge (RFC), a student-led organization based in Boston advocating “real food” on more college campuses.  More ...

Eunice Choi '14 and Lauren Howe '13.
Slow and Steady Wins the Race

In our busy, cosmopolitan society, it's almost impossible to avoid fast food. Whether you see a McDonald’s every day when driving to work, stop in at Dunkin Donuts before school, or see a commercial for Sonic on TV during your favorite primetime show, fast food is seemingly ubiquitous. At Hamilton, Lauren Howe ’13 and Eunice Choi’14, however, are trying to make the transition from the fast food era toward a new, sustainable style of eating and living.  More ...

Low Carbon Diet Day is April 14

Hamilton students will be encouraged to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint in the dining halls on Thursday as Bon Appetit Management Company launches its fourth annual Low Carbon Diet Day. Commons Dining Hall and the Green Café at McEwen will feature fresh ingredients from local farmers and students will be provided with valuable information to help them choose environmentally friendly eating habits.  More ...

The 2010 Eat Local Challenge took place on McEwen green.
Bon Appétit Recognized in Utica Observer-Dispatch

Bon Appétit, Hamilton’s food service provider, was recognized in a Utica Observer-Dispatch editorial (10/18/10) for its “eat local” efforts. On Sept. 28 Bon Appétit hosted its annual “Eat Local Challenge,” where all food served was grown within a 150-mile radius of campus.  More ...

The Eat Local Challenge features foods from within a 150-mile radius.
Bon Appétit’s Eat Local Challenge is Sept. 28
Bon Appétit Management Company, Hamilton’s food service provider, will host the 6th annual Eat Local Challenge, a made-from-scratch meal relying solely on local ingredients, on Tuesday, Sept. 28, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., in McEwen Courtyard. More ...
Eat Green on Low Carbon Diet Day April 22
Hamilton students will have a taste of green eating this week as Bon Appétit Management Company celebrates Earth Day on April 22 by holding the third annual Low Carbon Diet Day. The first restaurant company to recognize the connection between food production and climate change, Bon Appétit will make significant menu changes on Thursday to try to teach the Hamilton community the ins and outs of sustainable eating. More ...
Sarah Gamble '13 prepares tea in her mug.
Red Mugs Go Green in Campus Dining Halls
Hamilton took another step toward environmental sustainability last week, as the College (in conjunction with the Hamilton Environmental Group and food service provider Bon Appétit) implemented a new, campus-wide reusable mug system. Hamilton Environmental Group (HEAG) posters around campus read, “Red is the New Green.” What they refer to are the stacks of brand new red plastic mugs that have replaced the disposable paper cups in Commons and McEwen. More ...
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