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James Wells
Wells Publishes Translations in Literary Journal
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics James Wells recently published two translations in the literary journal The Connecticut Review, Fall 2009, Vol. XXXI No. 2. The translations are titled "Olympian 14" and "Pythian 7," composed originally in ancient Greek by Pindar. More ...
Carl Rubino
Rubino to Lecture in Humanities Forum
Hamilton College Winslow Professor of Classics Carl Rubino will present a lecture and discussion, “Articulating Wonder in a Secular Age,” on Thursday, Nov. 5, at 4:10 p.m. in the Science Center’s 3024 classroom. The lecture, the third in the Hamilton College Humanities Forum, is free and open to the public. More ...
Nancy S. Rabinowitz
Rabinowitz Presents Paper at Skidmore
Nancy S. Rabinowitz, the Margaret Bundy Scott Professor of Comparative Literature, was the guest of the Classics Department at Skidmore College on Monday Oct. 26. She was their fall speaker and gave an address based on her current research, titled "Tragedy's Women as Subject and Object of the Gaze." More ...
Shelley Haley
Haley Publishes Critical Race Theory Essay
Shelley Haley, professor of classics and Africana studies, and director of the Africana studies program, published an essay in Prejudice and Christian Beginnings: Investigating Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Early Christian Studies. The essay is titled "Be Not Afraid of the Dark: Critical Race Theory and Classical Studies." The book was edited by Laura Nasrallah and Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza of the Harvard Divinity School and was published by Fortress Press, an imprint of Ausberg Fortress. More ...
James Wells
Wells Presents Paper at Classical Association Meeting
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics James Wells presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States held in Wilmington, Del., on Oct. 8–10. The paper, Drained into the New Trench”: Classical Reception and the Poetry of Reginald Gibbons," studies Reginald Gibbons’ collection of poetry, Creatures of a Day (2008), as an act of classical reception and contributes to scholarship by introducing an audience to a newly formulated theory and method for interpreting practices of classical reception called “The Poetics of Distinction.” More ...
Shelley Haley
Haley Participates in CAAS Panels
Shelley Haley, professor of classics and African studies, and director of the Africana studies program, participated in the fall meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS) on Oct. 8-11. She, along with professors Nancy Rabinowitz and James Wells, participated on a panel titled "How to Manage Difficult Conversations in Classics Classrooms" and she was the presider for a session titled "Practical Pedagogy." Haley was also was elected 2nd vice-president of CAAS. More ...
Barbara Gold
Gold Presents Lectures in New Zealand
Barbara Gold, the Edward North Professor of Classics, gave six lectures at four universities in New Zealand -- the University of Auckland, Victoria University in Wellington, University of Canterbury in Christchurch, and Otago University in Dunedin -- in September and October.
More ...
Carl Rubino
Rubino Lectures on Star Wars and Myth
Winslow Professor of Classics Carl Rubino gave an invited lecture on Sept. 17 at Mohawk Valley Community College titled “It Is Your Destiny: Star Wars and Greek and Roman Myth.” More ...
Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz
Rabinowitz Presents Paper at Institute of Classical Studies
Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz presented a paper titled "After the revolution: Re-interpreting women on the Greek pots in Havana," with her colleague Sue Blundell (Open University), at the Institute of Classical Studies in London on June 3. The paper presented new metatheoretical approaches to the study of the iconography of women on Attic vases focusing on the interpretation of scenes of courtship or prostitution. More ...
Chiara Sulprizio
Sulprizio Presents at Classical Association of Canada Meeting
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics Chiara Sulprizio presented a paper at the Classical Association of Canada annual meeting in Vancouver, Canada, held May 12 – 14. Her paper was part of the American Philological Association Outreach Panel on the theme of "Borders" titled "Xerxes' Tears: Power, Narrative and Geopolitics in Herodotus' Histories." More ...
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