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Peter J. Rabinowitz
Peter J. Rabinowitz Gives Paper at MLA Convention
Professor of Comparative Literature Peter J. Rabinowitz delivered a paper, "Inside the Text, Outside the Classroom: The Ethics of Narrative Ethics," during a special session at the MLA Convention in San Francisco on Dec. 28. More ...
Rabinowitz Presents at Feminism and Classics Conference
Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz presented a paper, "Women for Sale on Attic Painted Pots," in a session she chaired titled "Out of the Margins: Women in Public Space" at "Bringing it All Back Home," the Feminism and Classics V conference, at the University of Michigan held May 8-11. More ...
Peter J. Rabinowitz Gives Paper at International Conference on Narrative
Professor of Comparative Literature Peter J. Rabinowitz delivered a paper, "Can a Sonata Have an Unreliable Narrator?: Focalization, Style, and Musical Rhetoric," at the International Conference on Narrative in Austin, Texas, on May 4. Intended as a contribution to the on-going theoretical discussions of the value of narrative theory in the analysis of music, the paper argued that the concept of the unreliable narrator—normally viewed as an essentially literary device without any musical equivalent—can illuminate the processes by which we listen to music and can increase our appreciation of music's expressive potential. More ...
Welles '08 Researching the Vampire in Contemporary American Culture

For most people, "vampire" means Joss Whedon's hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fans of the show abound; most of them do watch and read a lot of vampire literature and maybe there are even some who ask strangers what they think of vampires. But William Welles '08 (Greenwich, Conn.) is more than your average Buffy fan, all this and then some: he is a Buffy fan with funding. The history and theatre major has an Emerson Grant this summer to work with Visiting Instructor in Comparative Literature Janelle Schwartz, researching the figure of the vampire in contemporary American culture.  More ...

Schwartz Organizes Panel, Gives Paper at American Comparative Literature Meeting

Visiting Instructor of Comparative Literature Janelle Schwartz organized a
panel and gave a paper at the American Comparative Literature Association's 2006 meeting, "The Human and Its Others," held March 24-26 at Princeton. Schwartz's panel, "A Cabinet of Curiosities: Objectifying the Human from the Renaissance to the 21st Century," was co-organized with Nhora Serrano from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was a three-day panel with four papers given each day. Schwartz's paper was titled "Putting Polyps Into Powder Jars: Applications and Implications of the Spontaneous Generation Debate."  More ...

Comparative Literature Class Explores Biology Through Interdisciplinary Course

Visiting Instructor of Comparative Literature Janelle Schwartz recently brought her Comparative Literature 311 “Fields of Visibility: Science and Literature in European Romantic Thought” class to Professor of Biology Pat Reynolds’ lab to look at worms through microscopes and put their theoretical knowledge of worm generation and regeneration into practice. The class is an interdisciplinary course that attracts students interested in the sciences and the humanities.
   More ...

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