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Biology 237 students and faculty at Whiteface Mountain.
Biology 237 Ecology Class Makes Annual Trek to Adirondacks

For the 30th consecutive year the ecology class Biology 237 traveled to Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondack high peaks to examine the response of trees to elevational and climatic gradients. The day was a spectacularly clear and beautiful, with intense fall colors in the foliage.  More ...

Students in Bio. 237 with Professors Ernest Williams and Bill Pfitsch.
Ecology Class Examines Adirondack Forest

For the 29th year in a row, the ecology class (Bio. 237) went up Whiteface Mountain to look at how and why the composition and structure of the forest changes with elevation. The 23 students on the Oct. 7 trip were led by Associate Professor of Biology Bill Pfitsch and Ernest Williams, the William R. Kenan Professor of Biology.  More ...

Professor Bill Pfitsch's group on Sept. 25.
Ecology Class Treks to Adirondacks

For the 28th consecutive year, the Ecology course (Bio. 237) traipsed to the top of Whiteface Mountain. This year's class was so large that it was split into two separate trips. As usual, the weather for this trip was unpredictable. The first trip took place on Sept. 25 with Prof. Bill Pfitsch and found warmth, blue skies and grand vistas. The second trip, led by Prof. Ernest Williams on Oct. 2, encountered dense overcast skies, rain and chilly temperatures.  More ...

Members of the Biology 237 class with Prof. Bill Pfitsch on Whiteface Mountain.
Ecology Class Makes Trek to Whiteface Mountain
Members of Hamilton's ecology class, Biology 237, made the annual trek to Whiteface Mountain to study responses of the vegetation to environmental conditions on Sept. 26. The high Adirondacks were at peak color, so the trip was a great success aesthetically as well as scientifically. More ...
The ecology class on Whiteface Mountain.
Ecology Class Conquers Whiteface

The Ecology class made its annual trip up Whiteface Mountain on Sunday, Sept. 27. Despite low cloud cover, the group was able to study changes in forest composition and size at different elevations, the dwarfed trees (krummholtz) near the mountain top, and the vegetation of the alpine zone. The class is taught jointly by Associate Professor of Biology Bill Pfitsch and Ernest Williams, the Christian A. Johnson Professor of Biology.  More ...

Hamilton unveiled its new program in New York this month under the direction of Professor Frank Anechiarico. This spring's topic will be "The Fall and Rise of New York City." More ... More ...