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Feminist Genealogies, Colonial Legacies, Democratic Futures
Feminist Genealogies calls upon us to rethink feminist theories and practices within a complex intersectional and transnational framework. In contesting prevailing notions of global feminism, which tend to depart from resistance practices crafted in the West, Mohanty and Alexander have chosen essays that create new and provocative conversations among activist women involved in important transformative political projects in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. These conversations demand that we think deeply about advanced capitalist relations and how they reproduce and are reproduced through forms of domination that are sexualized, gendered, and racialized. This timely collection of essays should stimulate new discussions about feminist political engagement and about feminist organizing practices as ways of envisioning and struggling for democratic futures. - Angela Y. Davis, University of California Presidential Chair in African American and Feminist Studies More ...
Henry Hughes and Proslavey Thought in the Old South
The biography of the proslavery ideologue Henry Hughes by Douglas Ambrose, assistant professor of history, offers a compelling examination of the life and writings of an intriguing antebellum thinker. More ...
Mad Dogs, Englishmen, and the Errant Anthropologist
In this spirited account of his time spent in Southeast Asia, Douglas Raybeck, professor of anthropology, describes several adventures and misadventures involving field research, as well as the understanding, humility and bruises that these experiences leave behind. Through the lively pages of this narrative, readers gain insight into the human dimension of the fieldwork undertaking, a sense of how the anthropologist builds rapport in a research setting, and how reliable information is obtained. More ...
Midterm: The Elections of 1994 in Context
Midterm: The Elections of 1994 in Context examines the electoral and policy changes so rarely seen in American elections. It examines the contemporary concerns unique to the 1994 election: the role of the religious right, the “angry white male,” the Contract with America, and voter antipathy toward the first two years of the Clinton administration. By looking at the election in context with other mid-term elections, from 1810 to the 1994 election, we gain a thoughtful analysis of the 1994 election. Hamilton Professor of Government Philip Klinkner is the editor of this work as well as the author of chapter 4, Court and Country in American Politics: The Democratic Party and the 1994 Election . Theodore Eismeier, the James L. Ferguson Professor of Government at Hamilton College, is also a contributor. More ...
Balling the Jack
Alumnus Frank Baldwin ’85 has traveled a long and enduring road on his journey to become a novel-writer. A government major at Hamilton, he began his career as a paralegal at a Wall Street firm - he lasted six-months. Baldwin lost his life savings twice on the blackjack tables of Atlantic City, worked as a bartender, pizza delivery boy, construction worker and copy boy before succeeding as a Novelist with his 1996 fiction novel Balling the Jack. More ...
Beyond Caring: Hospitals, Nurses, and the Social Organization of Ethics
Vividly documenting the real world of the contemporary hospital, its nurses, and their moral and ethical crises, Hamilton Professor of Sociology Dan Chambliss offers a sobering revelation of the forces shaping moral decisions in our hospitals. More ...
The Authority of Experience, Sensationalist Theory in the French Enlightenment
Sensationism, a philosophy that gained momentum in the French Enlightenment as a response to Lockean empiricism, was acclaimed by Hippolyte Taine as "the doctrine of the most lucid, methodical, and French minds to have honored France." The first major general study in English of eighteenth-century French sensationism, The Authority of Experience presents the history of a complex set of ideas and explores their important ramifications for literature, education, and moral theory. More ...
Against Gravity
More ...
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