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Genealogy of the Way: The Construction and Uses of the Confucian Tradition in Late Imperial China
By the Ming dynasty, one Confucian sect had come to dominate literati culture and the state. This book is a critique of the process by which claims to exclusive possession of the truth came to serve power. Wilson analyses how formation of the Confucian canon and the compilation of Confucian anthologies served to enshrine one lineage of Confucians as possessors of the truth. He draws on contemporary cultural and literary theory to situate Confucian anthologies in ritual, institutional, sectarian, and ideological contexts. More ...
Neutrality and the Academic Ethic
Professor of Philosophy Robert L. Simon has written Neutrality and the Academic Ethic, the fourth book in a series edited by Steven M. Cahn titled, Issues in Academic Ethics. The book is divided into two sections. The first, “Academic Ethics and the Neutral University,” asks if universities should be politically neutral and if so, can they be. Simon examines questions about the meaning of neutrality, distinguishes different conceptions of what neutrality involves, and considers in what sense, if any, institutional neutrality is both possible and desirable. More ...
Domestic Choices, International Markets
The internationalization of financial markets moved to center stage in the international political economy during the 1980s. These markets affect trade, investment, venture enterprises, growth, and competitiveness. Domestic Choices, International Markets uses the internationalization and liberalization of securities markets to examine interdependence, leadership, and the mechanisms of change in an increasingly global political economy. More ...
The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo
Ama Ata Aidoo ranks as one of the most creative and prolific African writers. Her social and political vision of Ghana in particular and of Africa and the Third World in General addresses the needs of all oppressed peoples. Her writing describes exploitation in a way that demands a new and sophisticated understanding-both from Western readers and from Africa's educated elite-of the colonial attitudes that led to inequality and injustice. -University Press Of Florida More ...
The Losing Parties: Out-Party National Committees, 1956-1993
How do Democratic and Republican party leaders react after their party has lost a presidential election? Is there a pattern of response to defeat that reflects the distinctive cultures of the two parties? This book answers these questions by examining how the two national party organizations have responded to presidential election defeats between 1956 and 1993. Yale University Press More ...
Anxiety Veiled: Euripides and the Traffic in Women
What should we make of the prominence of female characters in the plays of Euripides? Not, Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz concludes, that he was either a misogynist or a feminist before his time. Tracking the relationship between male anxiety and female desire in his drama, she demonstrates in this rich and incisive book that Euripides' plays support a structure of male dominance while simultaneously inscribing female strength. More ...
Fair Play: Sports, Values, & Society
Professor of Philosophy Bob Simon is the author of Fair Play: Sports, Values, & Society. We have become used to the world of sports being rocked by scandals. Stars are deprived of their Olympic gold medals because of their use of performance-enhancing drugs; heroes are suspended or banned from their sport for gambling or for connections to gambling; major universities are involved in recruiting scandals and are accused of exploiting their own students. But ethical concerns about sports run deeper than the current scandals in today's headlines. More ...
Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism
Professor of Women's Studies Chadra Talpade Mohanty, Ann Russo and Lourdes Torres edited Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism. This academic work is a compilation of 15 essays that offers examples of current feminist perspectives on race, class and Third World issues. More ...
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