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Lizzy Buhl '12
Teaching K-12 Students to See the Bigger Picture

History can be learned from many different perspectives. Primary Source, a nonprofit organization that provides alternative ways of learning,  supplements traditional techniques with additional resources for teachers. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Buhl ’12 is helping to accomplish this goal with an internship there,  supported by the Couper Fund through the Career Center.  More ...

Lauren Howe '13
Howe ’13 Supports Sustainable Farming

Sustainable, organic farming offers a fresh, local alternative to supermarket foods. However, some people might find it difficult to shop locally, and low-income individuals may have trouble affording farm shares and local food. Lauren Howe ’13 is working to correct both problems as an intern for Grow Food Northampton in Northampton, Mass.  More ...

Ephraim McDowell '12
McDowell ’12 Learning Legal Ropes

A law degree can lead can lead to countless career paths, but regardless of a student’s goals, a district attorney’s office offers an exciting environment in which to learn about the legal field. Ephraim McDowell ’12, a sociology major with a minor in communication, is spending his summer with the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office in Canton, Mass., working with one of the assistant district attorneys.  More ...

Brett Banhazl '12
Banhazl ’12 Documents American Experience

Documentaries have a way of making history come alive, and well-made and innovative documentaries are especially engrossing and vivid. Over the summer Brett Banhazl ’12 will work in Brighton, Mass., with American Experience, an award-winning television show featuring documentaries on various topics in American history.  More ...

Sarah Gamble '13
Gamble ’13 Teaches Sustainable Practices at Shelburne Farms

By teaching children sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices, educators make strides toward changing the future for the better. At summer camps, for example, children can learn about sustainable farming while exploring the world around them and breathing fresh air. Sarah Gamble ’13 will spend the summer as an intern for Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vt., where she will help run a series of camps. She is supported by the Joseph F. Anderson ’44 Internship Fund.  More ...

How to Get "Paid" for an Unpaid Internship

Many students wonder if they can afford to do an unpaid summer internship, especially when the internship takes place in a major metro area where they do not live. Through Hamilton's Summer Internship Funding (SIF) program, taking an unpaid internship may not be as difficult as you think.  More ...

Hali Baumstein '11
One for the Books
Some people struggle to find a career; others pursue careers in a field about which they have been passionate since a young age. Hali Baumstein ’11 finds herself in the latter category. A self-proclaimed bookworm since childhood, Baumstein has a summer internship with HarperCollins Publishers that she hopes will help her get a jumpstart on a career in publishing. She is supported by the Joseph F. Anderson ’44 Internship Fund. More ...
Danielle Burby '12
Reading Between the Lines
Like many of her fellow commuters on the train, Danielle Burby ’12 spends much of her daily two-hour commute reading. But unlike the other travelers, Burby’s literature of choice has not yet been published. Supported by the Class of 2006 Fund, Burby is immersing herself in the publishing world with internships at Clarion Publishing and Faye Bender Literary Agency. More ...
Katherine Costa '12
ROSE Fund Stresses Self-Esteem to Domestic Violence Victims
For the victims of domestic violence, the complex emotional effects often leave deeper scars than those on the body. But the first step to finding a voice is confidence, and Katherine Costa ’12 is working with the ROSE Fund this summer to help women recover their self-esteem and take a stand against domestic violence. She is supported by the Joseph F. Anderson ’44 Fund. More ...
Elizabeth Bucceri '11 , second from left, with zoo interns and Southern White Rhino, Tony.
Creatures of Habitat
Most children are crazy about animals; aquariums, petting zoos and pony rides are the world’s best entertainment for many children. Elizabeth Bucceri ’11 gets to spend her summer not only making youngsters happy at one of their favorite places, but releasing her own inner child as she interns at the Philadelphia Zoo. Her internship is supported by the Jeffrey Fund for Science Internships, managed by the Career Center. More ...
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