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Chile Earthquake Devastation
Domack Presents
“Impact of the Fifth Largest Earthquake in History on a Developed Latin American Country: the February 2010 Concepción ‘Teremoto,’” Domack’s lecture on Thursday, April 8, presented a summary of his experiences in this volunteer mission and an overview of the regional geology of the area and the devastation wrought by the earthquake, aftershocks and tsunamis. More ...
Chile Earthquake Devastation
Domack to Present on Chile Earthquake
Eugene Domack, the J.W. Johnson Family Professor of Environmental Studies, will present “Impact of the Fifth Largest Earthquake in History on a Developed Latin American Country: the February 2010 Concepción ‘Teremoto’” on Thursday, April 8, at 7 p.m., in the Science Center’s Kennedy Auditorium. Domack recently returned from Chile where he did volunteer work in the aftermath of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Maule, Chile, on Feb. 27. More ...
Gwen Simmons '10 at Geological Society meeting.
Gwen Simmons '10 Presents Paper at Geological Society Conference
Gwen Simmons ’10 presented a poster at the Northeastern/Southeastern Geological Society of America Joint Section Meeting held in Baltimore on March 15. She was in the Modern Surface Processes Session of the conference. Simmons' poster was titled “Beach Nourishment on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.” The work was based on her senior thesis with Prof. Cynthia Domack in the Hamilton College Geosciences Department.
More ...
Geoscience seniors Lisa Feuerstein, Leila Malcom and Megan Fung in Baltimore.
Geosciences Seniors Present Posters at Baltimore Meeting
Lisa Feuerstein ’10, Leila Malcom ’10, and Megan Fung ’10 presented posters at the Northeastern/Southeastern Geological Society of America Joint Section Meeting held in Baltimore on March 15. All three were in the Geologic Education and History session of the conference. More ...
Garrett Armbruster '10
Garrett Armbruster ’10 Presents at Northeastern Storm Conference Meeting
Garrett Armbruster ’10 presented a poster titled “ Forecasting Lake Effect Precipitation for Upstate New York” at the 35th Annual Northeastern Storm Conference held in Saratoga, N.Y., on March 6. The American Meteorological Society, the National Weather Service, and Lyndon State College sponsored the conference. The work Armbruster presented was based on his senior thesis with Prof. Cynthia Domack in the Hamilton College Geosciences Department and an internship with meteorologist Adam Musyt at WKTV, Utica. More ...
Barbara Tewksbury
Tewksbury and Colleagues Awarded National Prize for Online Teaching Resources Web Site
Barbara Tewksbury, the Upson Chair for Public Discourse and Professor of Geosciences, is part of a team that has won a national award for a web site that they have developed over the past eight years to improve undergraduate geoscience education. The Web site On the Cutting Edge: Professional Development for Geoscience Faculty, has been awarded the 2009 Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE) by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Science magazine. More ...
Senior geoscience majors Megan Fung and Lisa Feuerstein.
Clinton Elementary Students Dig Class With Hamilton Geoscience Majors
Two Hamilton geoscience majors provided a hands-on learning experience for Clinton Central School (CCS) elementary students last semester as part of their senior thesis projects. Lisa Feuerstein '10 and Megan Fung '10 developed independent projects with their own self-designed curriculums that involved teaching at the local elementary school. More ...
A view from the bow of the boat while crossing the Drake Passage in  April 2009.
Climate Change is Focus of Complex Antarctic Expedition
More than 30 scientists from 11 states and four countries, led by Hamilton College Geosciences Professor Eugene Domack, will embark in January 2010 upon one of the most complex interdisciplinary Antarctic expeditions ever funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). During the two-month trip the scientists will be addressing a significant regional problem with global change implications, the abrupt environmental change in Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf System. The expedition is part of the NSF’s International Polar Year (IPY) program. More ...
Allie Hutchison '10 and Lisa Feuerstein '10
Kimberlites of Central New York Are Focus of Summer Research
Hamilton graduate Oren Root (1803-1885) was the first to find igneous, volcanic rocks known as kimberlites in New York State. In 1881, he retired as Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Mineralogy and Geology at Hamilton, and left a legacy of sage and introspective research for future students and faculty to imitate. This summer, Alexandra Hutchison ’10 and Lisa Feuerstein ’10 are expanding on the study of kimberlites across Central New York and the eastern states. They are working with Associate Professor of Geosciences David Bailey to determine why kimberlites exist in certain places and where they came from. Their projects have slightly different aims, but both revolve around the effort to discern the more reliable theories from those with not enough evidence. More ...
 Isabelle Cannell ’11 and Natalie Elking '12
Students Seek Alternative Energy Source in Chile
The Patagonia region of Chile has some of the highest wind potentials in the world, peaking at nearly 200,000 megawatts of power and sweeping by at five or 10 meters per second. Natalie Elking ’12 and Isabelle Cannell ’11 began to develop an interest in this obvious but overlooked source of energy after writing a group paper on what they believed was the proper approach to wilderness conservation in Patagonia. J. W. Johnson Family Professor of Geosciences Eugene Domack taught the course, and expressed interest in editing their paper and trying to get it published. As the topic moved more into the realm of wind and tidal power issues, Domack suggested a trip to Chile to investigate the matter. Elking and Cannell agreed, and enthusiastically accompanied him this past May. More ...
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