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Philip Klinkner
Klinkner Discusses Obama Election and Presidency
In an interview on central New York's public radio station WRVO-FM, Philip Klinkner, the James S. Sherman Professor of Government, spoke about the voting patterns that emerged in the presidential election and the role played by race. During the interview with news director Chris Ulanowski on Jan. 16, Klinkner also discussed the parallels between the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt and an Obama presidency. More ...
Philip Klinkner
Klinkner Publishes Analysis of 2008 Election in The Forum
Philip Klinkner, the James S. Sherman Professor of Government, co-authored "LBJ's Revenge: The 2008 Election and the Rise of the Great Society Coalition" in the election issue (Vol. 6, Issue 4) of The Forum - A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics published by Berkeley Electronic Press. This article presents a distinctive overview of the 2008 election contest focused on its coalitional underpinnings. More ...
Philip Klinkner
Klinkner Quoted on FDR in Wall St. Journal
Philip Klinkner, the James S. Sherman Professor of Government, spoke with Wall Street Journal reporter Naftali Bendavid for an article on how President-elect Barack Obama's first term may or may not mirror that of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In "FDR's Popularity Helped Power New Deal," which appeared in the paper's Jan. 6 issue, Klinkner commented that Roosevelt established a connection with the electorate unlike that of any previous president. More ...
Frank Anechiarico
Anechiarico Interviewed for Baltimore Sun About City Hall Corruption Case
Frank Anechiarico, the Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law, was interviewed for a Baltimore Sun article about Baltimore city hall corruption allegations (1/4/09). The article noted that a grand jury examining charges of corruption in Mayor Sheila Dixon's administration will expire this week. Anechiarico who has written extensively on such investigations, described the length of the Baltimore probe as "almost record-breaking."  More ...
Klinkner Quoted in Christian Science Monitor
Philip Klinkner, James S. Sherman Associate Professor of Government and Associate Dean of Students, got the last word in a Christian Science Monitor article titled "In Sealing Nomination, Obama Makes History" published Wednesday, June 4. The article chronicled Barack Obama's route to securing the Democratic presidential nomination and analyzed its unconventional nature. Klinkner observed that never before had a candidate attracted such a diverse coalition of supporters. More ...
Anechiarico '71 Writes Newsday Op-ed
An opinion piece written by Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law Frank Anechiarico '71 appeared in the Sunday, May 25, edition of Newsday. "Why strip a person's pension?" addressed the issue of whether or not a former New York schools superintendent who is serving prison time for stealing $2.2 million from the schools, should be receiving a pension from the state. More ...
Anechiarico '71 Publishes Book on World Cities and Corruption
Local Integrity Systems: World Cities Fighting Corruption, a book edited by Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law Frank Anechiarico '71 with Leo Huberts and Frederique Six of the Free University of Amsterdam, was published in May by BJU Publishers of The Hague, Netherlands.
More ...
Anechiarico Delivers Keynote Address in Lisbon

Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law Frank Anechiarico delivered the keynote address last week at a conference on public integrity in Lisbon sponsored by the European Union's anticorruption agency during the week of May 12.  More ...

LI Interviewed on Foreign Exchange
The May 4 episode of Foreign Exchange, a weekly international affairs series presented to the PBS system by Oregon Public Broadcasting, features Cheng Li, William R. Kenan Professor of Government and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. More ...
Environmental Politics Class to Host Mock Senate Hearing on Climate Change Legislation
Students in Government 285: Introduction to Environmental Politics, led by Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Peter Cannavo, will hold a mock Senate hearing on climate change legislation on Wednesday, Dec. 5, from 4 – 7:30 p.m. in the Red Pit in the Kirner-Johnson Building. Cannavo says that attendees to this event should "expect informative expert testimony, spirited debate, self-serving political grandstanding and fascinating presentations covering everything climate-related, from distributive justice to alternative fuels to White House policy to oil reserves to international relations." This event is free and open to the public. More ...
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