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Tornado Fells More Than 30 Trees in Glen

On July 26, a tornado touched down on the south side of Hamilton’s campus, uprooting or snapping more than 30 trees along the Kirkland Glen’s Bridle Path and around the Clinton Early Learning Center. Other damage included a destroyed bleacher in the South Campus Intramural Field. Terry Hawkridge, the assistant director of Grounds, Horticulture and Arboretum, has been overseeing the damage clean-up, while Geosciences Technician Dave Tewksbury has created a map of the damage.  More ...

Daniel Feinberg, Bethany O'Meara, Matthew Combs, Dilyana Mihaylova, Ana Fernandez-Menjivar
Bio. Researchers Map Unwelcome Visitors in Glens

Hamilton’s Kirkland and Rogers glens offer beautiful forest paths for joggers, dog-walkers and nature lovers. Hidden within the lush greenery, a well-trained eye can spot several plant species growing there that aren’t native to the glens. Invasive plant species in forests have the potential to interfere with native plants and animals, as well as disrupt the microbial balance of the soil. Five biology students and Professor Bill Pfitsch are mapping these unwelcome visitors in a summer research project.  More ...