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Steve Mello '11
Contraception in Rwanda is Topic of Levitt Fellow Research
Among the myriad problems facing Rwanda, population control is one of the most urgent. A 2000 Demographic and Health Survey found that only 4 percent of women in Rwanda were using contraception. This low percentage gives rise to several problems, including high infant and mother death rates. With his summer Levitt Fellowship research, Steve Mello ’11 is examining data from two demographic and health surveys to see whether an increase in contraception leads to healthier children. More ...
Shichen Xu '12
Spain’s Mondragon Cooperatives: An Economic Model?
The business world is basically divided into two camps: socialism and capitalism. In socialist economies, businesses are owned and controlled by the state, and in capitalist economies, shares in ownership are traded on the public market. In his summer Levitt Fellowship research, Shichen Xu ’12 will be exploring the economic middle ground between capitalism and socialism by studying the behavior of the Mondragon Cooperatives in the Basque region of Spain. More ...
Annie Hudson at the Albert Einstein Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Levitt Fellow Annie Hudson ’12 Studying State-Building in Balkans
The Balkan states are marked by great ethnic pride and nationalism. Ethnic tensions have stirred conflict on the Balkan Peninsula for thousands of years, and in the age of globalism, defining an ethnic and nationalistic identity is of increasing importance for the Balkan countries. This summer, Annie Hudson ’12 will travel to and conduct research in Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia to study national cohesiveness and state-building. More ...
Cristina Garafola '11
Cultures of Dissent in China and Russia are Levitt Fellow's Topic
Political ideology goes a long way in determining how a state deals with a crisis. Authoritarian regimes, historically, have been the least tolerant of dissent, but authoritarian reactions to dissent have been diverse, ranging from openness and tolerance to censorship and violence. Levitt Fellow Cristina Garafola ’11 is especially interested in the authoritarian regimes in China and Russia, and will spend the summer  learning more about the cultures of dissent and the governments’ responses in China and Russia. More ...
The Levitt Center is housed in KJ.
11 Students Awarded Levitt Summer Research Fellowships

Eleven Hamilton students have been awarded Levitt Summer Research Fellowships for 2010. The students receive a stipend and spend 10 weeks in the summer working intensively with a faculty mentor. Among this year’s projects are a study of U.S. auto industry reform, contraception in Rwanda, and the changing state capacity of post-Communist states.  More ...

Ned Walker '62, Max Currier '10 and Matthew Zeller '04.
Former U.S. Ambassador Walker '62, Zeller '04 and Currier '10 to Discuss Afghanistan
Hamilton College will host a panel discussion, “The Way Forward in Afghanistan,” on Monday, March 1, at 7:30 p.m., in the Kirner-Johnson Auditorium. Panelists will include former U.S. Ambassador and Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Global Political Theory Ned Walker ’62, First Lieutenant Matthew Zeller ‘04, and Hamilton student Max Currier ‘10. The discussion is free and open to the public. More ...
Collaborative Summer Research Under Way Across Campus
Although classes have ended for the 2007-08 academic year, 118 Hamilton students won't be going home right away. They'll spend at least part of their summer on campus conducting research with Hamilton faculty. Eighty-two students will conduct science research, 18 students will work with faculty on Emerson grant projects and another 18 will study public policy for the Levitt Center.  More ...
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