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The Mock Trial team at Cornell.
Mock Trial Team Takes 4th at the Cornell “Big Red” Invitational

Hamilton College’s student-run Mock Trial team took home 4th place at the recent Cornell Invitational tournament. Twenty-six teams competed. To add to the excitement, two of Hamilton’s attorneys, one from defense and one from plaintiff, won Outstanding Attorney Awards for earning 18 ranks (out of a possible 20). This means that the judges ranked them as being the best attorneys in their trials at least three times.  More ...

Hamilton's victorious Mock Trial team at the University of Rochester.
Hamilton Mock Trial Takes First Place at University of Rochester Tournament

Following a 5th place finish at the Colgate Classic in the beginning of November, the Hamilton College Mock Trial Team finished 7-0-1 at the University of Rochester’s Yellowjacket Invitational, taking home a first place trophy for the first time this season.  More ...

Legal Drama Unfolds in Hamilton Mock Trial

An alarming robbery at Racheter World Amusement Park in Midlands results in the death of park security guard Winston Thomas. In an impressive display of legal and communication acumen, the Hamilton College Mock Trial team brought the criminal case of Bowman v. State of Midlands to court on April 19 and April 20 against legal teams from Cornell and Rochester.  This tournament, hosted on the Hamilton campus, was the College’s first home invitational.  More ...

Hamilton's 2013-14 Mock Trial team with theri first place award at the University of Rochester Invitational.
Mock Trial Takes First at University of Rochester Invitational

Hamilton’s Mock Trial Team started out its season on a positive note, winning the University of Rochester Yellow Jacket Invitational with a 7-1 record on Nov. 2-3.  More ...

Hamilton's 2013-14 Mock Trial team.
Mock Trial Team Prepares For New Season, Takes on Six New Members

The American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) has released the first round of revisions to the 2014 college mock trial case, and Hamilton’s mock trial team is preparing for another successful season. The team’s recently announced national rank of 65 out of a competitive field of more than 600 teams has allowed Hamilton to secure an impressive tournament roster for the 2014 season, including invitational tournaments at Tufts, Yale and Cornell Universities.  More ...

Hamilton's Mock Trial team at the regional qualifier.
Mock Trial Team Advances to Opening Round Championship Series

After its victory at the Cornell Invitational, Hamilton’s Mock Trial team once again demonstrated its strength with a 5th place finish at their regional qualifier in Buffalo on Feb. 23-24. Compiling a record of 5-3, the team performed well enough to advance to the Opening Round Championship Series of the American Mock Trial Association’s (AMTA) national tournament.  More ...

Members of Hamilton's Mock Trial team.
Mock Trial Team Wins First Prestigious Ivy League Tournament

After a historic top-24 national championship finish in the 2012 season, Hamilton’s mock trial team has managed yet another impressive feat by taking home first place at the Cornell University Big Red Invitational Tournament.  More ...

Members of Hamilton's Mock Trial team at ORCS.
Mock Trial Team Advances to National Championship

On the eve of its 10th anniversary, the Hamilton College Mock Trial team finished third in the Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS) on March 23-25, and qualified for the national championship tournament in April. Team captain Tyler Roberts ’12 won an Outstanding Attorney award and Patrick Bedard ’14 won an Outstanding Witness award.  More ...

Members of the Mock Trial Team at the Regional Qualifer in Buffalo.
Mock Trial Team Advances to Opening Round of Championship

Hamilton’s Mock Trial team continued to have a successful season, finishing fourth at the Buffalo, N.Y., regional tournament held Feb. 10 - 12. With an overall record of 7-1, the team earned a bid to compete in the Opening Round Championship Series in Hamilton, Ohio, on March 23 - 25. Maggie McGuire ’15 and Ian Carradine ’15 won Outstanding Witness awards, demonstrating the depth of the team’s talent.  More ...

Hamilton's winning Mock Trial team at the Colgate Tournament.
Mock Trial Team Takes First at Colgate Tournament

Hamilton’s Mock Trial team participated in the third annual Colgate Classic at Colgate University on Nov. 5 and 6 and finished in first place, continuing a series of strong performances in the tournament. Ian Thresher ’12, Marta Johnson ’13 and KT Stein ’14 won Outstanding Attorney awards and Emily Tompsett ’13 won an Outstanding Witness award.  More ...

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