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Brandon Leibsohn '10 with Washington Wizards NBA star Antawn Jamison.
Washington Program Students Attend Meeting on Underage Drinking
Charlotte Olcay '10 and Brandon Leibsohn '10, who are interning in the House of Representatives, participated in a luncheon sponsored by the Century Council to discuss the issue of underage drinking on April 23. The featured speakers at the luncheon were Washington Wizards NBA star Antawn Jamison and Olympic Gold volleyball player Misty May Treanor. More ...
Students in D.C. Program Meet With World Bank Executives
On April 22, students in the Program in Washington, D.C., met at the World Bank with Hasan Tuluy P '08, vice president of human resources, and Peter Stephens, director of operations & communications. More ...
Charlie Warzel '10, Mia Cakebread '10 and Chris Risi '10 watch the baseball action.
D.C. Program Students Enjoy Day at the Ballpark
On April 19, students in the Program in Washington D.C. took a break from politics and research papers to enjoy our national pastime. Joined by some alumni from the area, students watched the Nationals snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by yielding four ninth-inning runs to the Florida Marlins. More ...
Students relax on George Washington's back porch at Mt. Vernon.
Washington Program Students Visit Mount Vernon
Nearing the end of a semester studying the American presidency, students in the Program in Washington went right to the source on April 18 with a visit to Mount Vernon, the home of President George Washington. More ...
Washington program students with former U.S. Sen. Birch Bayh and Stuart Ingis '93.
Former Senator Birch Bayh and Stuart Ingis '93 Meet with Program in Washington Students
Hamilton's program in Washington, D.C., allows students to connect their academic study of American politics and policy with the unique human resources of the nation's capital. On April 1, students had such an opportunity, when they met at Venable LLP with partners Stuart Ingis '93 and former Senator Birch Bayh. More ...
Program in Washington students at the Supreme Court.
Program in Washington Students Meet with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
One of the goals of Hamilton's Program in Washington is to connect classroom learning with the direct experience of politics and decision-making in the nation's capital. On February 25, participants in the program had an extraordinary opportunity to do just that at the Supreme Court of the United States. More ...
Washington Program students visit the Pentagon.
Students in Washington, D.C. Program Tour Pentagon
On February 18, students in the Program in Washington, D.C., visited the Pentagon to meet with Fred Shear '03, a writer on the staff of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Students toured the massive facility, whose 6.5 million square feet and 17 miles of corridors are home to 23,000 military and civilian employees who plan and execute the nation's defense. Students also visited the Pentagon's 9/11 Memorial. More ...
Michael London, Sanjana Nafday, Colleen Callaghan and Charlie Ruff at Tomb of Unknown Memorial.
Washington Program Students Visit Arlington National Cemetery

Students in the Program in Washington, D.C., visited Arlington National Cemetery on Feb. 11. After observing the solemn ceremony of the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown, students visited other significant sites, including the home of Robert E. Lee, the USS Maine memorial, and the gravesites of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.  More ...

Kenya Lee '10 checks out an exhibit at the Newseum.
Semester in Washington Students Tour Newseum
On February 4, students in the Semester in Washington Program visited the Newseum, a 250,000 square foot interactive museum of news. Students in Washington this semester are juniors Mia Cakebread, Katie Donlevie, Kenya Lee, Brandon Leibsohn, Wenxi Li, Kye Lippold, Michael London, Sanjana Nafday, Eric Nehs, Stephen Okin, Charlotte Olcay, Chris Risi, Charles Ruff and Charles Warzel, and sophomores Colleen Callaghan and Emily Gerston. More ...
Photo taken by Kye Lippold '10 on the National Mall
Thoughts on President Barack Obama's Inauguration from a D.C. Program Student
At first, the streets of Washington were not particularly crowded. When I stepped outside into the brisk, gray dawn at 7 a.m., there were only a few bikers and small clumps of people hurrying to Metro stations. My roommate and I had decided to rise early to try and beat the crowd to the National Mall. The night before, there were rumors of vast throngs and endless waiting, despite the predicted snow. We shared gloves, socks and directions in what we expected to be an adventure. More ...
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