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Gender-Neutral Housing Policy In Place

A new housing policy at Hamilton College allows students of any biological sex, gender identity or expression to live together in the same room on campus.  More ...

Juancho Hurtado '11 cooks up a meal at the Co-op.
Woollcott Co-op Offers Unique Living Option
Hamilton students have the choice of a wide variety of living situations. From dark side suites to spacious Carnegie and South quads to Griffin Road apartments, living options are as diverse as the student body. Of all the many housing options offered at Hamilton, probably the least known about is the Woollcott Cooperative (colloquially referred to as the co-op). In high demand among upperclassmen, the co-op option offers a unique Hamilton living and dining experience. More ...
Daniel Chambliss
Chicago Tribune Publishes Chambliss Letter
The Chicago Tribune published a letter written by Daniel Chambliss, the Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Sociology, in response to a front-page article titled “These dorms major in luxury; Maids, flat-screen TVs -- 'Boomers really want it better for their kids'." Chambliss’ letter focused on his findings that “When college students opt for ‘luxury’ residence halls, they pay much more but actually get far less.” More ...