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Jacob Davidson '15, left, and Andrew Morrison '14.
Physics Students Engaged in National Research Project

Four fundamental forces - gravity, electricity, the strong force and the weak force - control all of the subatomic interactions that exist in our universe. The strong force dictates interactions between molecules in a nucleus while the weak force governs the process of radioactive decay.  The scientific community currently understands the first three forces well, but obtaining knowledge about the weak force has challenged physics researchers for decades. Andrew Morrison ’14 and Jacob Davidson ’15 are contributing to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) aCORN Project, to gain a better understanding of the weak force.  More ...

Edward '46 and Virginia Taylor
Hamilton Receives Largest Gift in Its History

Hamilton has received notification from the SunUp Foundation of a $16 million donation, the single most generous act of philanthropy in the college’s history. Edward ’46 and Virginia Taylor, directors for the foundation, recently informed the college of the commitment, which will establish Hamilton’s largest financial aid endowment and provide support for faculty research in the sciences and new arts facilities.  More ...

Science Center
Science Center Has Reopened

The Utica Fire Department's hazardous materials unit has cleaned up this afternoon's small chemical spill in a research laboratory in the College’s Science Center and has given the College permission to reopen the building. There were no injuries in the incident. As a precaution, the laboratory in which the spill took place, room 1065, will remain closed until a secondary cleaning is performed tomorrow morning.  More ...

Participants at the Ninth Annual MERCURY Conference
MERCURY Attracts Researchers Across the U.S.
The Ninth Annual National MERCURY Conference on Computational Chemistry, devoted solely to undergraduates who are working on research projects in computational chemistry, was held at Hamilton from Aug. 1 through Aug. 3. The program offered an opportunity for undergraduates to learn about the breadth of research in computational chemistry, particularly in interdisciplinary topics and to discuss their work with other undergraduate computational chemists as well as some leaders in the field. More ...
Hamilton Dedicates New Science Center
The long awaited dedication ceremony for Hamilton's new Science Center was held on Friday, Sept. 30, in the building's atrium. President Joan Hinde Stewart gave the opening remarks and introduced the keynote speaker, Congressman Sherwood L. Boehlert, the chairman of the House Committee on Science. More ...