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Senior Fellow Chris Sullivan '09 Explores Agrarian Philosophy
"Agriculture has been the most influential way that humans have altered the natural world," says Senior Fellow Christopher Sullivan, "but it is also a force that alienates us." Sullivan says that during his college career he has become increasing interested in how agriculture and human interaction with the environment can provide insight into our existence. More ...
Senior Fellow Kyla Gorman Writing Book on Potential of Video Games in Academic Arena
Over the past decade, Senior Fellow Kyla Gorman has closely followed the development of narrative structure within video games. As a computer science major and creative writing minor, her growing interest comes as no surprise. "I've played video games since I was little, but I also always wanted to be a novelist," she explains. "Slowly, I realized that the intersection was in video game story design." More ...
Senior Fellow Leeann Brigham Studying Animal Model of Schizophrenia
From an early age, Leeann Brigham has had an astute fascination for and a deep interest in science. As a child, she recalls playing with mini-microscopes and rock collections and having "an obsession with" the Nancy Drew mystery book series. Like the mystery books she so deeply loved as a child, today, Leeann views neuroscience, her major here at Hamilton, as "the ultimate mystery – asking questions like 'why do we behave the way we do' and 'how we have become the individuals that we are.'" To Leeann, neuroscience gives her "the perfect opportunity to explore those answers." More ...
Matthew Crowson Pursues Cardiac Research Through Senior Fellowship
This is the second in a series of features on Hamilton's 2008-09 Senior Fellows. 

Growing up with a mother in the nursing profession and three uncles employed within the medical field, Matthew Crowson's attraction to science developed at an early age. He remembers hearing their personalized accounts of difficult or unusual cases and "thinking they were cool and gory." His curiosity continued to build, and eventually influenced him to take AP Biology in high school. "Ever since, I've been hooked," he explains.  More ...
Hamilton Senior Fellow Nicole Dietsche Writes Original Graphic Novel
This is the first in a series of articles featuring Hamilton's 2008-09 Senior Fellows.

Hugh Charles Kavanagh makes being shy look like his day job. His best friend, Shawn, has a nasty tendency to upstage him without even trying. One day, a mysterious girl arrives to lead a reluctant Hugh to his destiny as the Ringmaster of the Midnight Circus. Hugh learns that the Midnight Circus is populated by people who don't physically age -- suspended in limbo as it fulfills its role as the land between logic and illogic, free will and predetermined destiny, protecting reality from all the things that go bump in the night.
   -From Midnight Circus, by Nicole Dietsche '09 More ...
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