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Writing Center director Sharon Williams and Professor John O'Neill, a member of the committee that helped found the Center.
Writing Center 25th Birthday Celebration

The Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center noted its 25th birthday on March 6 with a festive celebration at the Center in KJ. Writing Center director Sharon Williams, Center assistant Dori Critelli, Writing Center tutors, students and faculty gathered for cupcakes and refreshments.  More ...

With a party going on behind her, Kayla Winters '13 works with a cupcake at hand, during a birthday celebration for the Writing Center.
Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center Celebrates 25 Years

The year 2012 is certainly one for celebration. It marks not only the 200th anniversary of Hamilton College’s founding, but also the 25th anniversary of an institution that has become virtually synonymous with the College itself: the Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center. Its presence on campus today embodies a value that College luminaries like former President Melancthon Woolsey Stryker (who once penned a three-page treatise on the value of concise writing using only one syllable words) held dear—the ability to write well and clearly.  More ...

Sharon Williams
Williams Presents at SLAC Annual Meeting
Sharon Williams, director of the Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center, presented a talk at the annual meeting of the Small Liberal Arts Colleges Writing Program Administrators at Lafayette College on Jan. 10. Her talk was titled "Sustaining a successful writing center program across time." More ...