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Erica Kowsz '11
CLIC Maps Changes of Irish Coast
If she ever had trouble falling asleep during her trip to Ireland this summer, Erica Kowsz ’11 could have just counted sheep. They roamed outside her tent on the abandoned island of Inis Airc, and although living with them for almost a week was a bizarre experience, Kowsz says they made good company. More ...
Chandra Thompson '10, Grace Stadnyk '10, Luke Maher '11 and Professor Richard Bedient.
This Could be a Puzzle But It’s Knot
Luke Maher '11, Grace Stadnyk '10, Chan Thompson '10 and Professor of Mathematics Richard Bedient just returned from the first Unknot (Undergraduate Knot Theory) Conference at Denison University where they gave a paper titled "Three-Trip Lorenz Knots," heard many more and generally had a great time meeting knot students from all over the country. More ...
Emina Memisevic '12, Kristen Pallen '12, Lisa Olszewski '11 and Melissa Nezamzadeh '11
Ideas for Clathrate Take Shape in Student Research
Clathrate hydrates are like cages. They are sculptures of ice-like water-based solids that can trap very small molecules inside of them. Studying their behavior can help decide what uses they might have and what kind of industries could benefit from their reactions. More ...
Samuel Hincks '11
Samuel Hincks '11 Examines Role of Brain in Technology's User Interface
iPhones are slick and manageable, which is why the owner of one gets a certain satisfaction out of using it. He likes the sleek black frame and the way the icons slide effortlessly across the screen. The way in which he interacts with this piece of technology is called the user interface -- the ease with which a person is able to assess the state of system and how he can use it to his best advantage. This summer, Samuel Hincks '11 will analyze how cognitive workload can help facilitate user interface. More ...
Travis Mockler '11
Travis Mockler '11 Advances Burmese Refugees' Culture Through Weaving Project
Although Travis Mockler '11 has never taken a women's studies course at Hamilton, he has found himself at the epicenter of a project started in 2008 by a global feminism class. He is continuing work on a Burmese weaving project at Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees through the Levitt Community Service Fellowship, one of two this summer. The emphasis on culture and identity is what attracted Mockler, who is an English major. More ...
Morgan Williams '11
Neurobiology of Frustration is Topic of Williams' Research
"Who wouldn't want to know how the mind works?" Morgan Williams '11 asks. A rising junior, this summer she is working with Stone Professor of Psychology and Director of the Neuroscience Program Douglas Weldon on a project titled "The Neurobiology of Frustration"  that will survey the part of the brain that controls aggression. More ...
David Brown '10 and Amy Allen '10.
Amy Allen '10 and David Brown '10 Probing Bacterium
Some organisms breathe gases. But others don't. While it may seem plausible that certain bacteria can "inhale" solids as part of the respiratory process, our preconceived notions of some solids – like iron – are rigidly robust. Never would we consider a solid such as iron a breathable entity. But it is, at least for one bacterium known to biologists as Shewanella oneidensis. David Brown '10 and Amy Allen '10 are probing through previous research on the organism this summer with Associate Professor of Biology Michael McCormick. More ...
Susan Perham '12
Susan Perham '12 Researching Oneida County's African-American WW II Vets
After taking three courses with history professor Esther Kanipe, Susan Perham '12  felt comfortable in proposing a research project under Kanipe's direction and pursuing necessary funding  via an Emerson Grant.  She is now working with Kanipe on a documentary that delves into the lives of Oneida County's African-American World War II veterans. More ...
Tom Williams '11
Tom Williams '11 Studies Artificial Intelligence
If you've ever seen a Roomba vacuum cleaner, you know that it's a pretty cool gadget. Not only does it rid your carpet of grime, but infrared sensors help navigate its way around your living room. This summer, Tom Williams '11 will play with robots that look just like these, except they're not mini-maids. They're designed to think and deduce like humans. More ...
Some of Hamilton's pre-med students at Burke Rehabilitation Center
Pre-med Students Gaining Experience at Burke Rehabilitation Center
This summer, 10 pre-med students from Hamilton are gaining valuable clinical experience working directly with patients at the Burke Rehabilitation Center, in White Plains, N.Y. The students, Amy Rumack '09, Caroline Briggs '10, Mimi Briggs '10, Andrea DeSimone '10, Ben Saccamano '10, Nedzada Smajic '10, Valerie Valant '10, Elizabeth Wahl '10, Ben Dropkin '11, and Kristen Randolph '11, have been working as nurses' assistants at the hospital since the end of May. The hospital has generously provided housing for those students not from Westchester County. More ...
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