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Hamilton students and faculty at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.
Cotten and Team Study at National High Magnetic Field Lab
Associate Professor of Chemistry Myriam Cotten and her research team spent two weeks in July at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Fla., to study membrane-active peptides. Her team comprised of Matt Baxter ’11, Olivia Lin ’12, Courtney Carroll ’11, Billy Wieczorek ’11, Jason McGavin ’12 and Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry U.S. Sudheendra, used several state-of-the-art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instruments to obtain atomic-level information on peptide-lipid samples. More ...
Daniel Bunger '11
Daniel Bunger ’11 Analyzes Advantages of Co-operative Banks
In the current economic climate, obtaining a degree in economics could actually be very profitable as a new economist could make an astounding breakthrough in financial theory. Daniel Bunger ’11 is one of these students whose studies could catapult him into a successful career. This summer, he is researching co-operative banks with the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics Derek Jones. More ...
HEOP students with Masonic Care residents Anna Gordecki and Vera Wilson.
HEOP Students Engage in Community Service Volunteering
Hamilton College Opportunity Programs students got a taste of volunteer work when they participated in a statewide Opportunity Programs United Service Week in July. More ...
Caitlyn Williams '11
Up-Close Internship Lets Caitlin Williams ’11 Examine Career in Neurology
Although she was standing only two feet away in the operating room, Caitlin Williams ’11 was unable to see to the bottom of the large hole carved in the patient's brain. Using a technique called frontal craniotomy, the surgeon was removing a three-inch section that contained a massive tumor. The procedure made an impression on Williams, who is interning this summer for the Neurological Institute of Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital. “It truly affirmed my love of medicine and my passion to be a doctor,” she said.
More ...
Greg Schwedock '10
Order From Simplicity is Research Topic
Pandemonium is at work even in the most tranquil places. For instance, a young girl playing in the sand on a beach may not realize it, but the sand pile she has created is a study in complexity. As she sprinkles more sand on the top of the pile, a set of mathematical equations govern how each grain behaves, but the way the pile functions as a whole is seemingly random. Gregory Schwedock ’10 is interested in how order emerges from such simplicity. More ...
Andrew Brodsky '11, Steve Chaponis '10 and Jonathan Chaponis '10
Students Researching Chemicals in Fly and Bee Brains
Although the brain of a fruit fly or a honey bee might seem too small to be very active, chemicals do rage underneath the surface tissue. For example, octopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in learning and memory processes of Drosophila melanogaster (common fruit fly) and Apis mellifera (honey bee). More ...
Samantha Rabin '11
Living on Martha's Vineyard: Paradise or Predicament?
Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, Samantha Rabin ’11 never thought her home was that different from any other. But now that Rabin is older, she realizes that because she is surrounded by crowded hotels and sun-scorched bathers, her seemingly commonplace life is actually dominated by an unusual economy. She is working with Associate Professor of Sociology Jennifer Irons to assess how a person’s financial position shapes his or her relationship to the community. More ...
Amanda Nardi '11
Amanda Nardi ’11 Internship Blends Books and Fashion
A “boutique” literary agency is one that is exclusive and usually very small. The name is also perfect for Amanda Nardi’s ’11 purposes – it brings together both her fondness for books and for the trendy frontier of modern fashion. She has an internship this summer at the Harvey-Klinger Literary Agency, and has been working as an assistant to Sarah Crowe, a literary agent who specializes in fashion literature and young adult novels. More ...
Alexandra Keyes '11 and Ashlyn Razzo '11.
Students Interning at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Ashlyn Razzo ’11 and Alexandra Keyes ’11, past stage managers for Hamilton College theater productions, are currently in Cardiff, Wales, interning at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. They have been working alongside students and professors from the undergraduate and graduate stage management programs in Cardiff, preparing to go to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Venue 13 for the month of August. More ...
Peter Garrett '11 and Taylor Adams '11.
Interaction of Galectin-1 With Carbohydrates Examined
Galectin-1 is a small protein with big responsibility. Its over-expression is associated with treatment of inflammation-related diseases and muscular dystrophies. Conversely, its under-expression is ideal for therapeutic measures against cancer and HIV development. The dual role it plays in the regulation of the immune system makes it a medical celebrity, especially when paired with its ligands. More ...
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