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The Eat Local Challenge features foods from within a 150-mile radius.
Bon Appétit’s Eat Local Challenge is Sept. 28
Bon Appétit Management Company, Hamilton’s food service provider, will host the 6th annual Eat Local Challenge, a made-from-scratch meal relying solely on local ingredients, on Tuesday, Sept. 28, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., in McEwen Courtyard. More ...
Matt Kahn '88 speaks in the Chapel.
Matthew Kahn ’88 Discusses His Book, Climatopolis
 Matthew Kahn ’88 spoke to the Hamilton community about his latest book, Climatopolis on Sept. 21. His book offers an unusual approach to dealing with climate change: because little is currently being done to stop climate change, the world should switch its focus on adapting to the changes that have already been created and show no sign of slowing down. More ...
<em>Climatopolis</em> by Matt Kahn '88.
Climatopolis Author Alumnus Matt Kahn '88 to Lecture
Hamilton alumnus Matthew Kahn ’88 will address the economics of and future adaptation to climate change in a lecture on Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 7:30 p.m., in the Chapel. The lecture, “Climatopolis: How Our Cities will Thrive in the Hotter Future,” is sponsored by Hamilton’s Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center. It is free and open to the public. More ...
Some of the items collected in May for Cram & Scram.
3rd Annual Cram & Scram Sale is Aug. 24 and 25

The popular Cram & Scram resale event will be back and bigger than ever in its new home in Sage Rink. The sale runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 24, and 9 a.m. to noon, on Aug. 25. Terry Hawkridge, assistant director of physical plant, student leader Claire Sayler '12 and the student crew will unload four tractor trailer-loads of items such as couches and chairs, lamps, fans, refrigerators, microwaves, kitchenware and storage drawers.  More ...

Some of the items collected in May for Cram & Scram.
Another Successful Cram & Scram Helps Decrease Landfill Load

In its third year, Cram & Scram has perfected the formula for reusing unwanted goods, and helping others in the process. Fifteen students from all class years worked many hours in the early days of summer break to collect more than 10,000 pounds of goods that have found new and happy homes, resulting in fewer deposits of these usable goods to a landfill. This year, Cram & Scram reduced landfill deposits by more than 40 percent—10 percent more than 2009.  More ...

Hillary Pitoniak, Sarah Gamble '13, Christine Roback '12 and Andrew Pape '11.
Fresh Veggies Cropping up at Community Farm Garden
As the sun shines and Hamilton’s campus heats up during the summer months, most summer researchers retreat to the air conditioning of Kirner-Johnson and the Science Center. Three hardworking students, however, elect to spend their summers outdoors, working eight hours per day on Hamilton’s community farm garden. The three summer farm managers, Andrew Pape ’11, Sarah Gamble ’13 and Christine Roback ’12, are all dedicated workers with a taste and a passion for locally-grown produce. More ...
Juancho Hurtado '11 cooks up a meal at the Co-op.
Woollcott Co-op Offers Unique Living Option
Hamilton students have the choice of a wide variety of living situations. From dark side suites to spacious Carnegie and South quads to Griffin Road apartments, living options are as diverse as the student body. Of all the many housing options offered at Hamilton, probably the least known about is the Woollcott Cooperative (colloquially referred to as the co-op). In high demand among upperclassmen, the co-op option offers a unique Hamilton living and dining experience. More ...
Students took advantage of the Cram & Scram Tent Sale.
The Return of Cram & Scram

Bag it, don’t toss it. Hamilton’s annual clear bag reuse and recycle program known as Cram & Scram is back. Its purpose is to reduce the college’s burden on the local landfill by putting aside items that the student body can use next year.  More ...

Eat Green on Low Carbon Diet Day April 22
Hamilton students will have a taste of green eating this week as Bon Appétit Management Company celebrates Earth Day on April 22 by holding the third annual Low Carbon Diet Day. The first restaurant company to recognize the connection between food production and climate change, Bon Appétit will make significant menu changes on Thursday to try to teach the Hamilton community the ins and outs of sustainable eating. More ...
Hamilton's Green Graduation Gowns Noted in Washington Post
Hamilton was recently mentioned in a Washington Post blog post titled, “Green Graduation Gowns." The post, which is part of the “Campus Overload” blog maintained by Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson, is about a green initiative by Harper College, which will dress its graduates on commencement day in biodegradable gowns. More ...
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