Network for Teaching and Learning

Talking Teaching Sessions

Talking Teaching Session Name
The Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education: What can we learn about the student learning environment at Hamilton from broad assessments? Gordon Hewitt (ghewitt@hamilton.edu) 2/18/2014
Student-Faculty Collaborations: Research as Teaching Mike McCormick, Sharon RiveraSam Pellman and Tom Wilson 10/29/2013
Handling Sensitive Topics in the Classroom: Teaching Race and Racism Steve Yao and Todd Franklin 9/24/2013
Opening and Closing Discussions of Ethical Issues in the Classroom Rick Werner 3/23/2013
Using Student Feedback to Improve the Learning Environment Betsy Jensen and Tara McKee 3/12/2013
In-Class Student Presentations Michelle LeMasurier and Paul Hagstrom 2/19/2013
Technology in the Classroom Barb Tewksbury and Gary Wyckoff 2/5/2013
Cultivating and Nurturing Creativity in our Students Jane Springer, Janet Simons (jsimons@hamilton.edu) and Gordon Jones 12/7/2012
Leading Classroom Discussions Katheryn Doran and Dan Chambliss 11/1/2012
What Very Good Students Tell Us About Very Good Teaching Ernest Williams (ewilliam@hamilton.edu) 9/25/2012