Guidelines for Participants

Thank you for your participation in the NYCAS conference at Hamilton College. In the interest of academic quality and smooth operation, all participants in panels and roundtables should carefully note the following guidelines:

1. All participants must register for the conference and complete payment by August 15th. This includes all presenters, members of roundtables, and chairs. A registration form for online submissions is found on the conference website. The names of panelists who have not registered will not appear in the printed program of the conference.

2. As in all AAS regional meetings, funding is not available from NYCAS for travel, lodging, meals, or registration fees for conference participants.

3. Inasmuch as possible, participants are asked to attend the entire conference. Your interdisciplinary contribution as active members of the audience for others' presentations is as important as your own presentation.

4. One hour and thirty minutes is allotted to each panel session. Panels should begin and end on time. Individual papers in three-paper panels should take no more than twenty minutes; in four-paper panels the limit is fifteen minutes. Those who intend to read their papers should be aware that no more than seven pages of double-spaced script can be read in twenty minutes. Additional material will have to be summarized briefly by the presenter. It is important to allow time for members of the audience to comment and ask questions.

5. In the event that a participant cannot attend the meeting, s/he should notify the program conference organizer immediately.

6. To ensure that necessary audio/visual equipment is available for your presentation, please express your specific needs to Dannelle Parker (dparker@hamilton.edu) no later than Monday, September 1, 2008.

7. All participants should arrive at the room designated for their panel at least 10 minutes in advance of their session. This will allow them ample time to test the technology and to locate an audio visual technician should they require them. You may request a technician by dialing x4700 from the phone located in each room.

8. All participants should provide their Chair with the details necessary to introduce them. This information includes: THEIR NAME (and pronunciation), their affiliation, the title of the paper, and any other information that they would like used in their introduction.