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Fall 2010 Events

Violence, Peace, and Justice

Tuesday, September 14

Reception for Linda Mussmann, activist and co-founder of the Hudson-Based art warehouse Time & Space Limited
Co-sponsored with the Government Department

Wednesday, September 22

War and Women’s Lives: Lessons from the Iraq War
Cynthia Enloe, professor in the department of International Development and Director of Clark University’s Women Studies Program

Thursday, September 23

Food Justice: Food as the Vehicle for Connecting Communities
Debra Richardson, program director of the Utica Culinary Institute, keynote speaker, DSJP Student-Faculty Conference

Wednesday, October 6

Ending Human Trafficking in Our Lifetime
Norma Ramos, executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.

Tuesday, October 19

Resources and Conflict in the West Bank
Rachel Boylan '12 talks about her experiences in the West Bank during the summer 2010.

Wednesday, October 20

Coffee Hour: Free Speech/Hate Speech with Professors Yvonne Zylan, Frank Anechiarico, and Robert Martin.

Monday, October 25

Coffee Hour with Bob Moses ’56, president and founder of The Algebra Project
Co-sponsored with the Cultural Education Center

Monday, November 8

Toward an Acoustemology of Detention in the Global War on Terror
Suzanne Cusick, professor of music, New York University

Saturday, November 6

Matinee and post performance "talk back" of "Slaughter City," a play by MacArthur Fellow, Naomi Wallace. Wallace will be on campus as the Tolles lecturer next semester.

Co-sponsored with the Theatre Department

Spring 2009 Events

Thursday, February 12

David Schlosberg, Environmental Studies, Northern Arizona University
"From Environmental Justice to Ecological Justice"

Monday, March 2

Environmental Justice and Environmental Humanities at the Crossroads
Julie Sze, director of the Environmentalk Justice Project for UCDavis' John Muir Institute for the Environment

Thursday, April 16

Environmental Justice and Sustainability
Giovanna Di Chiro, research associate in environmental studies at Mount Holyoke College, and co-director of the Pioneer Valley Environmental Justice Coalition.

Wednesday, April 22

A Little Good News for a Change: Religious Environmentalism and Environmental Justice
Roger S. Gottlieb, professor of philosophy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Fall 2008 Events

Tuesday, November 18

Green The Ghetto: Why, How, and What Happens If We Don't
Majora Carter

Tuesday, November 11
Welsh poet and Environmentalist, Robert Minhinnick

Tuesday, October 14
"I Am Not Afraid": The Story of Rufina Amaya and the El Mozote Massacre of 1981
A Brown Bag with Melissa Young '09

Monday, October 6
A Flood of Opportunity: Polluted Sacred Rivers and Religious Environmentalism in India
An interdisciplinary panel discussion on the status of the Yamuna and Ganges Rivers with presentations by Professor Kelly Alley (Auburn U., Anthropology),  author of On the Banks of the Ganga" and Professor David Haberman (Indiana U, Religious Studies), author of River of Love in the Age of Pollution.
Saturday, September 27

2008 Student and Faculty Conference
Keynote speaker K. Animashaum Ducre, associate professor of African American Studies at Syracuse University.

Tuesday, September 9

Opening panel discussion on Environmental Justice and Sustainability with faculty: Erol Balkan (Economics), Joyce Barry (Women's Studies), Peter Cannavo (Government), Ernest Williams (Biology),  Moderated by Professor Ann Owen
Co-sponsored with the Levitt Center


Spring 2008 Events


Monday, April 21

The Invisable Cure: Africa and the west and the Fight against AIDS
Helen Epstein, Visiting Research Scholar, Princeton University

Monday, March 3

Beyond Hamilton: Global Public Health
A panel featuring Hamilton Jennifer Giacomini '99 and Sarah Taylor '03

Wednesday, February 20

Bringing the Body Back to Testimony: Disability and the problem of Voice
Alexa Schriempf, Gaius Charles Bolin Fellow in Philosophy, is a doctoral student at Penn State University.  Her dissertation on "Material Witness: Disability and Testimony" emerges from an interest in feminist philosophy, ethics, epistemology, and disability studies.

Monday, February 4

Preventing the Global Cancer Tsunami
Thomas Kensler '70

Thursday, January 24

A Second Mouse's Agenda: A Model for Changing Local Governance and Promoting Positive Youth Development
Philip Uninsky, J.D. and Ph.D., executive director, Partnership for Results


Fall 2007 Events

Monday, November 19

Is Diversity Bad for Civic Health? A Discussion about Putnam's Social Capital Benchmark Survey
Brown Bag Lunch with Professor Ted Eismeier

Monday, November 26

Contingency Plans for the Avian Flu in Nigeria and South Africa
Brown Bag Lunch with Allison Gaston-Enholm

Monday, November 12

Disability Policy in the Post ADA Era
Marca Bristo is an internationally acclaimed leader in the disability rights movement

Monday, November 5

Reconstruction: Or How I Learned To Pay Attention
Christine Rathbun is a writer and performer in the tradition of the late monologuist Spalding Gray.

Monday, October 29

Alumni Health Panel with Jeff Long '05, Alison Lin '03 and Josie Collier '97

Thursday, Sept 27

Fact versus Truth: Examining Health Disparities Through Diverse Illness Narratives
Rafael Campo, associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School 

Thursday, September 27

Poetry Reading
Co-sponsored with the Department of English

Tuesday, Sept 25

Living Downstream
Sandra Steingraber, Ecologist, author, and cancer survivor, Sandra Steingraber is an internationally recognized expert on the environmental links to cancer and reproductive health.

Saturday, September 8

You Can Never Do Just One Thing: What Ecology Teaches Us About Social Justice
Leslie Paul Thiele received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1989.  His research focuses on continental political thought, environmental ethics and politics, and the intersection of political philosophy, psychology and cultural studies.

September 7 - 8

Social Justice Conference
A student and faculty conference to be held at Hamilton College. The conference featured two plenary speakers addressing "What is Social Justice" and opening performance of the play Let Me Down Easy by Anna Deavere Smith. Dr. Leslie Paul Thiele, Department of Political Science, University of Florida opened the conference


Spring 2007

Monday, April 9

Diversity and Social Justice Project Panel: Working for Social Justice in jobs that pay a living wage
Thomas Acampora '05, Rebecca Libed '99, Ali Cherry '03

Wednesday, March 28

Stereotype Threat: Power Influences on Achievement, Motivation and Social Well-Being
Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, assistant professor of psychology, Yale University

Tuesday, March 28

Activism and Academe and the politicization of the classroom
Dr. Mark Lance, Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University

February 22

Scaling the Ivory Tower: Preliminary Data on the Instrumental Relationships of Doctoral Students of Color
Nikisha Williams '01, Pre-Doctoral Fellow of Psychology, Denison College.

Wednesday, February 7

In the wake of the storm: Environment, Disaster, and Race After Katrina
Dr. Robert D. Bullard, Ware Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark University.

Monday, January 29

On Covering Katrina
Scott Gold, Staff Writer, L.A. Times

Fall Events 2006

Wednesday, August 30

Activism In Academia: Local Perspectives
Vivyan Adair, Elihu Root Peace Fund Associate Professor of Women's Studies; Doug Ambrose, Sidney Wertimer Associate Professor of History; Tiffany Patterson, Associate Professor of Africana Studies; Penny Yee, Associate Professor of Psychology

Monday, September 11

The Role of Doctors in the Future of Normal
Dr. Alice Domurat Dreger, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago

Tuesday, September 12

Something is actually happening: should academics do something about it?
Dr. Alice Domurat Dreger, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago

Wednesday, November 8

Unequal Outcomes: How families and schools structure social and economic inequalities
Dr. Lois Weis, Professor and Associate Dean in the Graduate School of Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


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