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The Diversity and Social Justice Project, with matching funds from the Kirkland Endowment, announces the availability of three grants ($3000 each) to support Hamilton College students with demonstrated financial need who wish to engage in unpaid socially useful work over a ten-week period.

Students are required to present their summer's experience in the fall semester.

To apply, students should submit the following documents:

  1. A cover sheet from the DSJP
  2.  Two-page Project Proposal comprised of at least three paragraphs that contain:
    A description of organization and the community it serves
    A description of the job you will perform
    An explanation of how this supports your academic and professional goals
  3. A statement of financial need and budget
  4. Two letters of recommendation (at least one from a Hamilton professor)
  5. An acceptance letter from agency with whom you intend to work

The awards will be made on the basis of need as well as the contribution that the proposed work will make to social justice.

For questions about writing the grant proposal, contact Professor Marianne Janack, mjanack@hamilton.edu, or 315-859-4288.

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